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Project Title:
Design Inspire Team Green

“Making” is the way that human develop our civilization, like  technology , manners, products, architecture, etc. In this speed-oriented world nowadays, mass-production rationalizes manufacturing efficiencies, it often alienates users from their product experiences. In reaction to this, the Maker Movement leverages information technology to create quality products, promoting fundamental values such as beauty, uniqueness, interaction, and people’s ownership of user experiences, as it involves the min the design process. The letters on this Doggy Chair form two terms: “MakerToday”and “ItechFactory”, encouraging people to think about how can we make a better world and experiences with various technology, but not over relying.

製造 ”是人類多年發展文明的方式,創造獨有技術,禮儀,產品, 建築等。在當今這個過分追求速度的世界中,大規模生產雖使製造更有效 率,但往往減少了用戶的產品體驗。 對此,現在的 ”造物者 ”強調利用技術創造出優質產品,促進美,獨特等 基本價值觀互動,以及用戶體驗的所有權讓產品使用者參與設計過程。 這個 DoggyChair上的字母能合併成兩組字: “MakerToday”和“ItechFactory”,鼓勵人們思考如何才能利用現今先 進科技創造更美好的世界和不同的經驗 ,而非過分依賴它們。

Design Graduate:
Kwong Sai Kit, Adrian | 鄺世傑

School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University | 香港理工大學設計學院


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