Project Description

Writing Off Negativity | 「寫」棄負面情緒

With the same passion to share positivity through propaganda, Collaborator Thinkthing Studio Limited and design freshmasonry Kelvin Ho have joined forces to work for the product ‘Flipen Lite’, with the goal to influence the society through positive messages about emotional wellbeing.

Behind this seemingly simple folded pamphlet is a fully functional pen designed with ergonomics in mind. Tear along the scored lines and the paper-made pen can be readily folded into a triangular prism structure that is surprisingly comfortable and rigid to hold. Given the purpose of ‘Flipen Lite’ to be an affordable, effective medium for promotion, it is the perfect carrier for Kelvin’s project to propagandise positivity and self help for people in need.

Kelvin applied the key visual of his project to ‘Flipen Lite’, which features a swimming armband as a metaphor of ‘learning for survival’. The bold orange colour evokes a sense of enthusiasm and warmth, which is counterbalanced by a neutral grey and black tone to avoid being over optimistic or pessimistic. To initiate positive thinking from the user, supporting information is printed on the pen, which teaches the audience to embrace sadness and minimises the feeling of guilt arisen from it.
由於合作夥伴Thinkthing Studio Limited和設計新鮮人何卓熹均對宣傳分享正面能量充滿熱情,他們決定聯手為產品「Flipen Lite」工作,目標是通過宣揚關於情緒健康的正面信息來影響社會。

這本看似簡單的折疊式小本子背後,有一支功能齊全的筆,其設計符合人體工程學。沿著刻痕線撕開,紙製的筆就可以容易地折疊成三角形棱柱形狀,這樣的結構令人驚嘆地舒適,而且可以讓人牢牢執住。由於「Flipen Lite」的宗旨是成為一個經濟實惠又有效的促銷媒介,它就成了何同學開啟向有需要的人宣傳正面能量和獨立自主的項目的完美載體。

何同學將他的項目的視覺重點應用於「Flipen Lite」中,其中游泳臂帶是「為生存而學習」的隱喻。大膽的橙色喚起了熱情和溫暖的感覺,這種感覺被中性的灰色和黑色色調所抵消,以避免作品看起來過於樂觀或悲觀。為了引起用戶的正面思考,筆上也印上了激勵性的信息,教導觀眾學會擁抱悲傷並最大限度地減少由此產生的內疚感。

Design Graduate:
Ho Cheuk Hei, Kelvin

ThinkThing Studio Limited


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學