Project Description

When Art and Music Resonates | 當藝術和音樂交匯時


Delta Blues Audio’s signature loudspeakers NX-1 and NX-2 feature a minimalist design that makes them neutral and unconstrained in any situated environment. With an unprecedented design in acoustics, the brand’s unique ‘resonance disc’ gives it an edge in presenting a realistic audio-signature. ‘Listeners can feel the subtle timbre by virtue of this design,’ as described by Delta Blues Audio. This resonance disc is also the perfect medium for collaboration due to its planar form factor, making it an ideal component for customisation.

Dwayne Lam’s graduation project ‘Exclusion/Diversity: Gender and Sexuality in Hong Kong’ features a graphic identity he designed for an exhibition to present the multiple perspectives of LGBT in Hong Kong pop culture. The key visual has the words ‘Exclusion’ and ‘Diversion’ superimposed on it, with the individual letters interlocked. It presents the reality where polarising opinions simultaneously exist in our society. The repetition of words and the use of contrasting colours are both visually impactful, reminding the audience of the pinnacle of the pop-art movement.

Through the collaboration with different graphic design freshmasonries, Delta Blues Audio has attracted art galleries to acquire the customised speaker due to its exclusivity and art-like nature, which enrich and add value to both the brand and its product range. At the same time, design freshmasonries may leverage its distribution channels to widen the audience for their artworks.
Delta Blues Audio Limited的標誌性揚聲器NX-1和NX-2採用了極簡約的設計,使其能夠在任何環境中都保持素淨及不受約束。憑藉它前所未有的音響設計,其獨特的「共振盤」為其在呈現逼真的音頻簽名方面增添了優勢。 Delta Blues Audio Limited指出:「聽眾可以憑藉這種設計感受到精妙細緻的音色。」由於共振盤為平面形狀,它不但成為了理想的定制組件,同時也是一個完美的合作媒介。


Delta Blues Audio Limited通過與不同主攻平面設計的設計新鮮人合作,成功進駐各大藝術畫廊,豐富並增加了品牌與產品的價值。與此同時,一眾設計新鮮人亦可以利用其分銷渠道,擴大他們設計作品的受眾範圍。

Design Graduate:
LAM Choi Yan, Dwayne

Delta Blues Audio


Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong)