Project Description

When Art and Music Resonate | 當藝術和音樂交匯時

Delta Blues Audio Limited’s signature loudspeakers NX-1 and NX-2 feature a minimalist design that has remained neutral and unconstrained in any situated environment. With an unprecedented design in acoustics, its unique ‘resonance disc’ gives it an edge in presenting a realistic audio-signature. ‘Listeners can feel the subtle timbre by virtue of this design,’ described by Delta Blues Audio Limited. This resonance disc is also the perfect medium for collaboration due to its planar form factor, making it an ideal component for customisation.

The collaboration features the graphic designs of three design freshmasonries. Savoy Cheung’s graphic design ‘Fruit Boys’ employs an innocent illustration style to portray the perfect ‘Mr. Right’ in life. The illustration features an apple-head humanoid holding a guitar, which draws the connection between the healthy lifestyle of consuming fresh fruits and people’s desire of picking a ‘perfect’ boyfriend.

Adrian Kwong adapted graphic elements of his environment design project ‘Colour Chronicle’ onto the resonance disc. The two crows on the speakers are part of his concept to explore the unconscious and different perceptions in interior spaces. With no concrete justification to guide the audience, he aims to evoke primary emotional responses of the audiences when faced with different symbolic elements. In different cultures, a crow could represent wisdom or symbolise bad luck, both perceptions are equally viable yet subjective.

Erica Yip uses her graphic design to campaign for her belief in the ‘maker movement’. The term represents a trend in product design where designers leverage technology to create high quality crafts or batch designed products. It promotes the fundamental values of beauty, uniqueness, human interaction and the appreciation of hand crafted products. The graphic design features jumbled characters of the terms ‘MakerToday’ and ‘ItechFactory’, which further encourage people to rethink their dependence on technology, in both a good and a bad way.

Design freshmasonries Hei Nok Yu and Menson Chan have both utilised Delta Blues Audio Limited’s unique arrangement of speakers to exhibit their multimedia projects. Hei Nok has designed a mobile application platform during her studies. The project ‘MuSync’ actively connects its users via matching heartbeat and music. Menson created his digital projection and audio project ‘A Dream In Jiang Namn’ for the collaboration project. Using the unique quadraphonic sound system, the experimental music elements of Chinoiserie, Glitch, Minimalism, Electronic and Ambience could be replayed with four NX-2 speakers, situated inside the Tri-Wall Dome provided by Delta Blues Audio Limited . The setup offers profound resonance and subtle harmonics, together with the secluded internal environment of the dome, they provide an immersive sonic experience for the audience.

Through the collaboration with different graphic design freshmasonries, Delta Blues Audio Limited has attracted art galleries to acquire the speaker due to its exclusivity and art-like nature, which enrich and add value to both the brand and the product. At the same time, design freshmasonries can leverage its distribution channels to widen the audience for their artworks.

Delta Blues Audio Limited的標誌性揚聲器NX-1和NX-2採用了極簡約的設計,使其能夠在任何環境中都保持素淨及不受約束。憑藉它前所未有的音響設計,其獨特的「共振盤」為其在呈現逼真的音頻簽名方面增添了優勢。 Delta Blues Audio Limited指出:「聽眾可以憑藉這種設計感受到精妙細緻的音色。」由於共振盤為平面形狀,它不但成為了理想的定制組件,同時也是一個完美的合作媒介。


鄺世傑將他的環境設計項目「Color Chronicle」中的圖形元素應用到共振盤上。揚聲器上的兩隻烏鴉是他探索室內空間中無意識和不同感知概念的一部分。由於沒有具體的確據引導觀眾思考,他的目的是在面對不同的象徵性元素時喚起觀眾的原始情緒反應。在不同的文化中,烏鴉可以代表智慧或象徵厄運,所以兩種觀念同樣有道理而且具主觀性。


設計新鮮人余希諾和陳展浩都利用了Delta Blues Audio Limited獨特的揚聲器來展示他們的多媒體項目。余同學在學習期間設計了一個移動應用程式平台。項目「MuSync」通過互相配合的心跳聲和音樂主動連接其用戶。陳同學為合作項目創建了他的數碼投影及音頻項目「A Dream In Jiang Namn」。透過使用獨特的四聲道音響系統,中國風、毛刺、極簡、電子和氛圍的實驗音樂元素均可以用四個NX-2揚聲器重播,而揚聲器則位於Delta Blues Audio Limited提供的Tri-Wall Dome內部。該設置造就出深刻的共鳴和微妙的諧波,再加上穹頂的僻靜內部環境,為觀眾提供身臨其境的音頻體驗。

Delta Blues Audio Limited通過與不同主攻平面設計的設計新鮮人合作,成功進駐各大藝術畫廊,豐富並增加了品牌與產品的價值。與此同時,一眾設計新鮮人亦可以利用其分銷渠道,擴大他們設計作品的受眾範圍。

Design Graduate:
Chan Chin Ho, Menson
Cheung Tsz Fung, Savoy
Kwong Sai Kit, Adrian
Yip Wing Lun, Erica
Yu Hei Nok

Delta Blues Audio Limited


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學