Project Description

Wardrobe on the Move | 移動中的衣櫃

This collaboration targets to challenge traditional forms and functions of coat hangers with regard to the needs of travel and home storage solutions. The team underwent design thinking processes to discover pain points of existing products within this category and created innovative solutions in the simplest and effective manner, with the support of research in form, function and ergonomics.

Design freshmasonries have gained insights through observations and concept testing in real-world contexts. Mock-ups were made and tested by potential users. They gathered intelligence from first-hand and published data to create evidence-based insights about customer needs. The creative process was used to consider these problems in the most divergent ways possible, to then narrow down the options and distill them into final, simple and effective designs.

Simplicity and understatement are often the most difficult to achieve in commercial designs. Here the design freshmasonries made use of their insights and design knowledge to create appealing, sensible and practical solutions for the client.

這次合作旨在滿足旅行和家庭儲物的需求,挑戰傳統晾衣架的形式和功能。 設計團隊通過設計思維過程, 以最簡單有效的方式揭示最關鍵問題、並提出創新的解決方法。設計在形態、功能、人體工程學上的都有研究根據。

設計新鮮人在實際項目中觀察、試驗概念,由此加深對設計的見解。在潛在用戶中測試了產品模型的效果。 他們從一手的、公開的數據中收集相關資訊,保證對客戶需求的理解是有理據支持的。 創作過程中, 他們以盡可能多的方式去考慮發現的問題,然後縮減選項,以致最終提煉出一個簡單、有效的設計。

簡單和舉重若輕通常是設計中最難實現的。 在這裡,設計新鮮人以他們的見解和設計知識為客戶創造吸引、合理,又實用的解決方案。

Design Graduate:
Chan Wai Yin, William
Pang Tsz Kiu, Yoyo
Yip Ying Ting, Rosie

Mainetti (Hong Kong) Limited
Tai Lun, Paul
Tse, Bowie

Choy Yip Hong, Sonny
Cruz, Vanessa
Kee Yee Chun, Tristance
Koikas, Sophie
Kuys, Blair
McHenry, Lachlan


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院