Project Description


Vision Originates from the Nature | 由大自然孕育的視野


What makes Unsuikyo and Joey Lau click for the collaboration could be their sheer belief in raw materials to bring out the most original and unique qualities in man. Named after the Japanese Shiratani Unsuikyō, Unsuikyo is an eyewear brand that advocates co-living with nature and the use of unprocessed natural materials, such as stones, metal and wood, as opposed to plastic for their products.

With their sophisticated brand identity and narrative, Joey Lau was determined to help increase Unsuikyo’s media exposure through magnifying its ‘natural’ image, which extends to a collection of photographs that reflects the philosophy of preserving nature’s purest creation through the frames. To truly capture the essence of the brand, Joey would keep stylistic influences to the minimal, focusing merely on the aesthetics of light and shadow, as well as the textured material qualities to evoke a sense of vintage ‘snapshots’ equivalent to the timelessness of the frames.

石木眼鏡(Unsuikyo)和劉桂儀之所以會一拍即合,大概是因為他們同樣有著堅持用原生天然物料,來展現人類最原始獨特品質的純粹信念。石木眼鏡,名字的構思源自日本的白谷雲水峽 (Shiratani Unsuikyo) ,是一個倡導人類與大自然同存,並使用未經加工的天然材料,如石頭、金屬和木材,而非塑料製品的眼鏡品牌。


Design Graduate:
Lau Kwai Yee, Joey



City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學