Project Description

Unlocking the Boxes of Classics | 為滿載經典的箱子解鎖


Red-A, a 70-year old plastic brand in Hong Kong, is not just familiar to most Hong Kong households by its name, but also its ubiquitous presence. From the well-recognised red lamp shades in every meat stall, to the sidewalk snack booths’ sitting stools, it is not difficult to find Red-A products everywhere. Other industrial products, such as the heavy-duty logistic containers, have been widely used in different businesses, such as catering, banking and logistics services.

Star Industrial Company Limited is not only the company behind the Red-A brand, but also the largest plastics manufacturer in Hong Kong. Currently, with as many as 1,600 products made locally, it continues to strive to bring their establishment forward.

The design research project showcased here is a combination of innovative ideas from the young designers, customers’ expectations plus the minimal molding technology on a study series of lock systems for the Red-A containers. They were met with an increased challenge over the course of development and innovation because of a simple adjustment, however, this was executed to a high degree of details. For example, the affection on the appearance, the merging of new technology and existing products, compatibility and how the locking system will accommodate and exhaust all needs from different industries etc. are some of the focus areas of this collaboration between the design freshmasonries and the industry.



這裡展示的設計研究項目結合了年輕設計師的創新理念、客戶的期望、以及紅A貨櫃鎖定系統研究出的最小成型技術。簡單的調整帶來許多設計開發和創新上的挑戰,成爲這次設計新鮮人和行業合作的重點, 例如,對外觀的影響、新技術與現有產品的融合、兼容性以及鎖定​​系統如何協調來自不同行業的各種需求等。


Design Graduate:
Li Ling Fung, Eleanor
She Ho Yin, Dennis
Wong Ho Leung, Horace
Yik Siu Fun, Cherry
Yip Ying Ting, Rosie

Star Industrial Company Limited
Leung, Jessica
Yim, Toby

Kee Yee Chun, Tristance
Kuys, Blair
Kwok Tin Yan, Nicholas


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院