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Tommy Ng Collection


Advertising design freshmasonry Tommy Ng aspires to bring positive impact to the society and gives business a meaning of existence. Embracing communication design as his main form of creative expression, he wishes to communicate for brands in an attractive way, be it aesthetics or strategies, in order to maximise the value he offers to his clients.

Tommy’s enthusiasm has been matched with an equally passionate collaborator, who strives to bring extraordinary products to consumers. TEN Stationery offered their award winning card holder ‘I AM’ for Tommy to go wild with his creativity, going as far as redefining the purpose and situation of which the product can be used. Tommy was impressed by the ingenious mechanism that hides beneath its minimalist exterior. The predominant feature of ‘I AM’ is the silicone band that secures the deck of cards from falling out: when the user releases the silicone band, a hidden mechanism simultaneously raises the deck of cards from the case, with them literally ‘popping’ out from the case.

This mechanical feature inspired Tommy to create another communication campaign called ‘Make it POP’. The initiative was inspired by his insight that the first impression of a startup business is always the most crucial moment for a business’ growth, which makes the process of distributing name card important. The campaign resonates with the unique feature of ‘I AM’, aligning it with its dominant selling point. ‘Make it POP’ not only means to make your business card “pop” but it also makes your business pop.

In addition, Tommy proposed to line up local startup businesses to act as his clients for the campaign. The project team had lined up three local startups for Tommy:, a newly established local barista style coffee shop. Trash Talk Toys, an indie art-toy brand, and Dragonmade8, a Hong Kong streetwear fashion brand. To give a little context, each brand had dedicated all their efforts into crafting their products, which made the act of ‘branding’ a bit of a luxury to them. Therefore Tommy decided to make the act of branding approachable to them by designing a template that accentuates the key features of each brand. Each card case is imprinted with bold geometric patterns and a predominant text ‘Make It Pop’.

The meaningful act of lining up with different pop-culture related startups can enhance the way they introduce their business, and the most important is to show how a simple design can make a positive impact to local startups.
Tommy Ng Collection


吳同學的熱情讓他與同樣充滿設計熱情的合作夥伴相匹配,雙方於是攜手致力為消費者帶來非同凡響的產品。 Ten Stationery Limited讓吳同學可以透過在品牌曾經獲獎的產品--卡片盒「I AM」進行創作,施展他天馬行空的創意,重新定義了產品的宗旨和它的使用場合。 吳同學亦對其看似簡約的外觀下暗藏的機關印象深刻。 「I AM」的主要特點是硅膠材質橡皮筋可以防止卡片脫落:當用家鬆開硅膠材質橡皮筋時,內藏的機關會同時將卡片組從盒子中抬起,讓卡片從盒子裡「彈出來」。

這一機關激發了吳同學創建另一個名為「Make it POP」的宣傳計劃。該計劃的靈感源自他的見解--初創公司予人的第一印象始終是企業成長的最關鍵時刻,而這使得派出名片的過程非常重要。該計劃與「I AM」的獨特功能產生共鳴,使其與主導賣點保持一致。 「Make it POP」不僅意味著它能讓您的名片「成為潮流」,而且還會讓您的企業流行起來。

此外,吳同學還建議將本地初創企業聯合,使他們成為為該活動的客戶。項目團隊為吳同學安排了三家本地初創公司,一家新成立的本地咖啡師風格咖啡店、獨立藝術玩具品牌Trash Talk Toys和香港街頭時裝品牌Dragonmade8。由於每個品牌都致力製作自己的產品,所以「品牌化」的行為對他們來說有點奢侈。因此,吳同學決定通過設計一個能夠突出每個品牌主要特徵的模板,使品牌變得平易近人。而每個名片盒都印有大膽的幾何圖案和主打標語「Make It Pop」。


Design Graduate:
NG Long Kwan, Tommy

Trash Talk Toys
Ten Stationery Limited


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院