Project Description

The Wonderful Life of Roles


As an independent toy manufacturer, each plastic product created by the Collaborator Deep Fried Garlic is different from those made by the mass industrial production lines. All the toys are originally designed and manufactured by the designers in person, with ‘GRRR’ being one of the stylish characters.

The Collaborator hopes to explore the definition of tribalism through the plastic character ‘GRRR’, and they need a creative person with rich imagination to expand its role and story. Through「DesignXcel」, Deep Fried Garlic met the design freshmasonry Jodi V. Morgan, who ended up creating the background story and massive world behind ‘GRRR’. He turned it into a dark manga plot where the masks of its characters are their lives. The dynamic story has given full life to the characters and made them three-dimensional, and the wonders of subculture are always beyond our imagination, which open our eyes.

作為一家獨立的玩具製造商,合作夥伴Deep Fried Garlic出品的每款塑料產品都有別於大規模工業生產線。所有的玩具都是由設計師親自設計和製造的,「GRRR」是當中具時尚感的角色之一。

這位合作夥伴希望通過塑膠製的人物「GRRR」來探索部落主義的定義,他們需要一個具有豐富想像力的創意人才來擴展其角色和背景故事。透過《設計列陣》的配對,Deep Fried Garlic遇見了設計新鮮人Jodi V. Morgan,他最終創造了背景故事和「GRRR」背後的廣闊寬大的世界。他把故事變成了一個黑暗的漫畫情節,其角色的面具就是他們的生活。充滿活力的故事讓人物變得鮮活無比,並且變得立體化,非主流文化所創造的奇蹟總是超乎我們的想像,讓我們眼界大開。

Design Graduate:
Morgan Jodi Victoria

Deep Fried Garlic


Savannah College of Arts and Design(SCAD)  薩凡納藝術設計大學