Project Description

The Transformation Journey from ‘Catastrophe’ |



The brand ‘Coat Tote’ embodies the meaning of transformation. The product transforms from miniaturised clothing into shopping bags, and vice versa. The brand logo features a revolving symbol that signifies recycling and environmental protection. Each Coat Tote comes with a chain for easy adherence to handbags or backpacks, functioning both as a fashion accessory and a leisure shopping bag. It is the first time for Coat Tote to collaborate with local fashion design freshmasonry Kenny Tien, turning his acclaimed jacket design into a novel product.

Kenny’s graduation collection was inspired by the concept of ‘Catastrophe on the Race Track’, with his jacket design eventually becoming the statement piece of the whole collection. The jacket features a deconstructed graphic pattern, expressing the rebellious attitude of a formula racer and his unwillingness to be defeated even when facing adversity. With the use of the primary colours of red, blue and white, they further symbolise the glory and victory of the racing spirit. Kenny’s jacket has been widely acknowledged, even featured on stage and worn by different celebrities in Hong Kong. Through this collaboration, Kenny is able to extend his product range, which has a positive effect on promoting to the public about his newly established brand.

品牌「Coat Tote」體現了轉型的意義。該產品從微型服裝轉變為購物袋,又從購物袋轉變為微型服裝,品牌標誌的旋轉符號則象徵回收和環保。每款Coat Tote手提袋均配有鏈條,可輕鬆貼合手提包或背包,既可作為時尚配飾,也可作為休閒購物袋。這是Coat Tote首次與本地時裝設計師田豐年合作,他們將其廣受讚譽的外套設計變成了一種新穎的產品。


Design Graduate:
Tien Fung Nien, Kenny

Charlie K.Chan International Limited (Coat Tote)


Hong Kong Design Institute 香港知專設計學院