Project Description

The Shining Personality on Basketball Court |



Personalisation and uniqueness have been the major trends in the era of social media. Have you ever thought that you could also possess a customised basketball of your own? As a professional basketball manufacturer, the Collaborator JERViS Sports and Technology Limited, has given「DesignXcel」full control over the design of the 8 pieces of leather covering the basketball. Through the brand’s online platform, one could materialise a style that best suits one’s identity, putting creativity into a daily sport.

The collaboration between Fey Leung and JERViS Sports and Technology Limited has given a refreshing look to the basketball we are familiar with. Fey’s work features jumbles up traditional Chinese characters to being unrecognisable at first glance. Fellow netizens might notice that they are actually combinations to the Chinese input method ‘Cangjie’.

The characters are the compilation between real and virtual world conversations presented in a monumental fashion, which presents a recontextualisation on the notion of ‘classic Chinese literature’. The grey leather pieces on the basketball gave a reserved look that matches stylistically with the intricate text. Through the artistic exchange, a sense of aesthetics and playfulness was added to the sport, thus making a personality who plays basketball shines even more.

個人化和獨特性是社交媒體時代的主流趨勢。你有想過你還可以擁有自己的定制籃球嗎?作為一個專業的籃球製造商,合作夥伴JERViS Sports and Technology Limited已經讓《設計列陣》全權決定了8款籃球外層皮革的設計。通過該品牌的在線平台,人們可以將最適合自己的風格變成實物,將創意融入日常運動中。

梁藝斐和JERViS Sports and Technology Limited攜手合作為我們熟悉的籃球帶來了煥然一新的外觀。 梁同學的作品將傳統漢字混合在一起,乍看之下無法辨認。常用電腦的朋友可能會注意到它們實際上是中文輸入法「倉頡」的組合體。



Design Graduate:
Leung Ngai Fei, Fey

JERViS Sports and Technology Limited


The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學