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 The Reminiscent Gaze of the Street Corner |



What does it feel like to fall in love with a street because of a person? Absolute Vintage Eyewear and Marcus Chan know better. In the promotion video of the brand’s eyewear, collaboratively they crafted a beautiful love story threaded by the eyeglass frames named after different streets in Hong Kong.

Oftentimes, we are what we wear. Both Absolute Vintage Eyewear co-founder Ben and the advertising major Marcus believe strongly in the individuality expressed through quality personal accessories. Once Ben shared a story when one of his clients had insisted to purchase a frame that does not quite fit her facial features, only because it was named after the street where she and her husband grew up.

It was the perfect timing as the story inspired design freshmasonry Marcus to create a short love story that takes place in the streets of Hong Kong by his video lens; while Absolute Vintage Eyewear also wished to strengthen their media presence as a local eyewear brand. With the feature of engraving a Hong Kong street name onto the arm temple of each frame, Marcus has developed a poetic narrative of the brand that ties back to the roots of Hong Kong culture.

因為一個人而愛上一條街,是怎樣的感覺?Absolute Vintage和陳敏豪似乎體會更深。在其眼鏡品牌的推廣短片中,他們以香港不同街道命名的眼鏡框作牽繫,共同創作了一個美麗的愛情故事。

所謂人靠衣裝,Absolute Vintage聯合創始人Ben和廣告系出身的陳敏豪都深信優質的個人配飾能夠表達個性。有一次Ben分享了一個故事,就是他的一個客戶堅持購買一副不太適合她面形的眼鏡框,就只因為該框架是以她和她丈夫長大的街道所命名。

這是一個完美的契機,因為這個故事啟發了陳敏豪用他的視像鏡頭為香港街道創作一個簡短的愛情故事;而Absolute Vintage剛好也希望加強自己作為本地眼鏡品牌的媒體形象。通過每副框架臂上都雕刻了一個香港街道名的特點,陳敏豪回歸香港文化根源,為品牌撰寫了一個詩意的故事。

Design Graduate:
Chan Man Ho, Marcus

Absolute Vintage Eyewear


Hong Kong Design Institute 香港知專設計學院