Project Description

The Fine Layers of Hong Kong History | 層層細看香港歷史

The「DesignXcel」Collaborator POSTalk and design freshmasonry Rice Mok share the same passion for paper products and urban culture, such affinities have linked the two together, sparking off two collaborative paper installations inspired by Whampoa Street and Queen’s Road East correspondingly. The collaboration serves as a reminder of the historical significance behind both streets in relation to the construction of local culture, which leads to today’s prosperity.

Taking paper as their medium, the two combined the spatial elements of Hong Kong and aesthetics of the West, making good use of both positive and negative spaces of paper carving to stack the three-dimensional paper art.

In her work ‘Whampoa Street’, Rice reflected on its shipbuilding industrial precinct, showing the raging waters in the foreground with the iconic Star Ferry and the industrial shipbuilding precinct in the background. For ‘Queen’s Road East’, Rice placed the silhouette of Queen Victoria in the centre, the significance lies in it being the first official street under British colonisation. Other elements are displayed in a concentric manner surrounding the Queen, suggesting how prosperity that comes after were originated by this single point in history.

From the raging waters to the iconic Star Ferry through to the ever growing prosperity of Hong Kong, the multi-layers of narrative space not only fully demonstrate the characteristics and refined beauty of paper, but they also show the intentions of POStalk and Rice to conserve Hong Kong history and culture.





Design Graduate:
Mok Hiu Suen, Rice



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學