Project Description

The Art of Green Leather Case | 綠色皮套的藝術


With the development and popularisation of printing technology, there are more and more spaces where designers can make use of as canvases to realise ideas. The tablet leather case of Daycraft happens to be one of these nice ‘canvases’ suitable for designers to freely create. Daycraft’s tablet leather case features an open-ended design, the product’s minimalism has pushed the level of personalisation to the highest.

Through「DesignXcel」, three design freshmasonries from The Chinese University of Hong Kong have applied their personal artworks to the tablet case, reformatting their artistic expressions to art that can be carried around and enjoyed on the go.

Ivan Chung’s ‘Song of a Mountain’ combined various kinds of ancient Chinese artistic techniques, such as ink painting, calligraphy and print making (from the textures of a found rock) to create a pictorial and painterly Chinese character of ‘Mountain’ (山). Wong Chun Ho’s similar work ‘Journey to the Mountain’ used hyper realistic digital painting to depict the spiritual place of those who are conscious of themselves as pilgrims or strangers. Fey Leung’s work features jumbles up traditional Chinese character to being unrecognisable at first glance. Fellow netizens might have noticed they are actually combinations to the Chinese input method ‘Cangjie’. The characters are the compilation between real and virtual world conversations presented in a monumental fashion, it presents a recontextualisation on the notion of ‘classic Chinese literature’.

隨著印刷技術的發展和普及,設計師可以利用越來越多的空間作為畫布來實現創意。 大誠日記有限公司(Daycraft)的平板電腦皮套恰好是適合設計師自由創作的精美「畫布」之一。 Daycraft的平板電腦皮套採用開放式設計,這個採用極簡約設計的產品將其個人化程度提升至最高水平。


鍾傑康的「山之頌」結合了各種中國古代藝術手法,如水墨畫、書法和版畫(利用所發現的岩石的紋理繪製),完成了一幅「山」字形的圖畫。 黃俊豪的作品「山旅」也取用了相似的題材,使用超現實的電子繪畫來描繪當人意識到自己是朝聖者或陌生人時,當下的精神世界。梁藝斐的作品乍看之下,好像將傳統的中國文字混合在一起,讓人無法辨認。常用電腦的朋友可能也已經注意到,它們其實是中文輸入法「倉頡」的組合體。這些文字是真實和虛擬世界對話方式的彙編,呈現了對「中國古典文學」概念的全新定義。


Design Graduate:
Chung Kit Hong, Ivan
Leung Ngai Fei, Fey
Wong Chun Ho

Tai Shing Diary Limited (Daycraft)


The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學