Project Description

Team Green Assembled | 綠團集合

Extending our collaboration from last year, Team Green® is a brand under Starlite Visual Communication Limited specialised in creating flat-packed laser cut products. In this collaboration, the brand created a crossover for its latest product ‘Doggy Chair’, to be launched next year, it is therefore looking for young design freshmasonries to collaborate. As the emerging young art and design talents could realise their 2D art or graphics on a 3D consumer product, the chair also expands the product range to furniture for Team Green®, which mainly produces souvenirs currently.

The Doggy Chair is made with laser cut wood panels that can be flat-packed, thus it allows easy transport and its surface can be decorated with a variety of full colour-printed patterns. The sheet material is turned into a functional chair as they are slotted into each other to create a weight-bearing structure. While the form of the chair is a simplified pet dog, the head of the dog serves also as a side table and its body functions as a sitting platform. With this collaboration, the company met its goal of creating a customised product for a growing market for unique products.

Design freshmasonries Erica Yip and Savoy Cheung both created unique graphic patterns for the collaboration. Erica’s graphic pattern is a campaign visual for the ‘maker movement’ that is trending in product design. The movement highlights the value of handcrafted products that are manufactured with the aid/ incorporation of modern technologies, reestablishing the closer relationship between the product and the user. The graphic theme resonates with the way Doggy Chair is put together, as it encourages the user to establish a stronger bond with the product through promoting a do-it-yourself culture.

Savoy subtly plays with the gender theme in her pattern ‘Fruit Boys’, as a succession to her illustration, which employs an innocent illustration style to depict the perfect ‘Mr. Right’ in life, dressed in ‘fruit’ costumes. Her graphic features repeated, boxy looking apples and occasionally, oranges, to symbolise how the discussion around sexes can be objectified like fruits.

Janie Lau and Nicole Mok went for a direction that evokes happiness through a burst of colour splashes and youthful characters. Nicole employed a rainbow palette of watercolour textures on her Doggy Chair. She wants the chair to evoke a sense of cheerfulness as if you are looking at a real dog (and rainbow), she even included white paws on the four legs that subtly hint at the zoomorphic presentation of the chair.

In her version of Doggy Chair, Janie included the characters she designed – ‘Animomo’ in her graphic. She included the chair in her imaginary narrative, as a giant running dog taking other characters for a thrilling ride on its back. Janie employed her innocent graphic style in the collaboration, with character designs that will appeal greatly to children using a wash of purple and pink watercolours to add to its playful atmosphere.

Cting and Adrian have produced highly expressive illustrations that will stand out in artistic interiors. Cting’s graphic design titled ‘Rainforest’ shows a collection of zoomorphic mushrooms, flowers and animals cohabitating joyfully in a forest setting. She employs a bright colour scheme and a brush stroke that draw references from graffiti and pop art influences.

Adrian adapted graphic elements of his environment design project ‘Colour Chronicle’ onto the Doggy Chair. The two crows featured on the chair are part of his concept to explore the unconscious and perception in the interior spaces. With no concrete justification to guide the audience, he aims to evoke primary emotional responses of the audiences when faced with different symbolic elements. To different cultures, a crow could represent wisdom or a symbol for bad luck, both perceptions are equally viable yet subjective.

承接往年我們的合作,綠團(Team Green®)是星光視覺媒體有限公司旗下的一個品牌,專門生產可扁平包裝及採用鐳射切割技術的產品。促成這次新合作的契機是綠團將於明年推出最新產品「小狗椅」,因此正在尋找年輕的藝術家和設計師將平面的圖形實現到三維的消費產品上。新興的年輕藝術和設計人才可以在3D消費產品上實現他們的2D藝術或圖形,小狗椅的誕生也為主要專注生產紀念品的綠團,將產品範圍擴展到家具系列。


設計新鮮人葉穎綸和張芷楓都為合作創造了獨特的圖案。 葉同學的圖案是為在產品設計廣為流行的「自造者運動」而打造的視覺效果。該運動突出了手工製品的價值,而這些產品都是在現代技術的幫助/結合下製造的,重新建立了產品與用家之間更緊密的關係。圖案主題與小狗椅的組合方式產生了共鳴,因為它通過促進自己動手製作的文化,鼓勵用家與產品建立更緊密的聯繫。


劉同學在她的小狗椅中將自己設計的角色 – 「Animomo」包含其中。她將這把椅子包括在她想像的敘事中,她把自己當成一隻巨型的、正在奔跑的狗,自己背著不同的人物角色,和他們共同體驗一場驚心動魄的騎行旅程。劉同學在合作中運用了她天真的繪畫風格,她設計人物時也運用了能夠大大吸引小朋友的紫色和粉紅色水彩,以增添其俏皮的氛圍。

陳思婷和鄺世傑都製作了極具表現力的插圖,在芸芸甚具藝術性的室內設計中脫穎而出。 陳同學的平面設計名為「Rainforest」,展示了一系列變形的蘑菇、花卉和動物在森林中一同快樂地居住。她深受塗鴉和流行藝術影響,採用了明亮的配色方法和筆觸。

鄺同學將自己環境設計項目「Color Chronicle」中的圖形元素應用在小狗椅上。椅子上的兩隻烏鴉是他探索室內空間中無意識和不同感知概念的一部分。由於沒有具體的確據引導觀眾思考,他的目的是在面對不同的象徵性元素時喚起觀眾的原始情緒反應。在不同的文化中,烏鴉可以代表智慧或象徵厄運,所以兩種觀念同樣有道理而且具主觀性。

Design Graduate:
Chan Cting
Cheung Tsz Fung, Savoy
Kwong Sai Kit, Adrian
Lau Yin Chi, Janie
Mok Wing Chi, Nicole
Yip Wing Lun, Erica

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