Project Description

Project Title:
Dryer3 | 烘衣方

Dryer³ know your heart. Now the dryer knows how to make changes to your clothes to achieve a better drying pattern. Dryer³ focuses on the flexibility, safety and efficiency of clothes drying for the urban environment of Asia, providing reliable, user-friendly and affordable clothes drying equipment for the public. Compact, wisdom. The amount of clothing varies. In order to meet different needs, capacity adjustment and mode switching are adopted to improve the efficiency and remove the constraint of use, so that users can allocate space freely. Based on the adjustable capacity, Dryer³ achieves rapid drying, collective drying and accommodating large pillow sets. Expandable bracket realizes custom capacity, not the only dimensional application is agile, and match easily. Mould, pollutants, respiratory problems have been plaguing users. To make dry clothes reliable, the closed optical condensation combination (Far infrared & semiconductor dehumidification) is adapted to shield the pollution and improve the efficiency to provide safety guarantee. When vacancy, small and fluidity design provides great convenience for storage. Dryer³ is small and foldable that easy to move and hide in different corners. Finally, add the intimate function of lighting and natural humidity-turn-colour to further improve the experience.

烘衣方.方知你心。現在烘衣機懂得按照你的衣物作出改變,實現更理想乾衣模式。 烘衣方針對亞洲都市環境,專注於烘衣靈活性、安全和效能,為大眾提供一款可靠、人性化和可負擔的烘衣設備。 小空間大智慧。衣物數量時有變化,為應對不同需要,透過容量調整和模式切換,改善效能同時解除使用约束,讓用家自由分配空間。 基於容量彈性,烘衣方兼具快速和集體烘乾,能容納大型枕具。可伸縮支架實現自定義容量,不僅空間應用靈活,而且輕易匹配。 霉菌、污染物、呼吸道問題一直困擾用家。為了令乾衣變得可靠,採用「密閉-光學-冷凝」組合(遠紅外線和半導體除濕)屏蔽污染並改善效能,提供安全保障。 閒置時,細小和流動性設計為收納提供極大便利。烘衣方體積小,可折疊存放,便於移動和隱藏在不同的角落。 最後,加入照明燈、自然遇水調色的貼心功能,進一步完善體驗。

Design Graduate:
Sung Man Chun | 宋文駿

School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University | 香港理工大學設計學院


S&C Furniture Ltd | 方圓傢俱有限公司