Project Description

Project Title:
 PLAYING CARDS: Blue & White Porcelain: Chinese Zodiac

The Blue & White Zodiacs arise from several sources of inspiration. These are hand-painted and digitally refined illustrations depicting the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac system. With their sophisticated forms and their blue-white coloration, the graphics reference traditional Chinese ceramics. As for the motifs, the signs of the zodiac and the card faces also originate from China. The decorative, abstract patterns of the work, however, are reminiscent of modern Scandinavian design. By combining the different styles harmoniously, the drawings suggest a fusion of East and West. Initially created as a set for a deck of playing cards, the zodiacs are designed in gold (for hearts & diamonds), and black (for spade & clubs), differentiating their suits. In this collaboration, a selection of individual zodiacs are applied to an additional product, the Eco Can Plus from EcoConcepts. The reusable ‘can’ is personalized with a clean, contemporary porcelain look to complement it’s minimalist design.

Design Graduate:
Shann Larsson

SCAD | 薩凡納藝術設計大學


Eco Concepts