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Rolland Cheung Collection


Design freshmasonry Rolland Cheung, a young artist born in the 90s, set up his own brand ‘Agape’ with a focus on handmade resin home products. He appreciates the dynamic and unexpected qualities inherent in the resin medium, for each texture, colour, and pattern created are unique. His practice includes working with resin, waste wood and colours to paint abstract landscapes and imaginary sceneries. ‘Sometimes there is already a clear composition with colours in my creative process, I just outline what is in my mind then; other times I go with my intuition to feel and record the state of mind at the moment. Perhaps different methods do give rise to the diversity of patterns.’

Rolland collaborated with loudspeaker manufacturer Delta Blues Audio Limited. Their line of speakers features a unique circular and planar ‘resonance disc’ that gives its distinct high-fidelity audio signature. Its modular construction allows the disc to be fabricated in different materials and craftsmanship, at the same time offering a blank canvas for different artists to express their artworks. Rolland drizzled a mix of blue and white resin on the resonance plates. A major portion remains white while the deep cobalt blue forms intricate turbulent pattern where the two colours meet. Rolland’s art highlighted the exclusive and artistic nature of Delta Blues Audio Limited’s speakers.

With the facilitation of 「DesignXcel」, the global charity icon HeArt Panda and Rolland collaborated on its iconic 8-inch tall Panda figurine. The story of HeArt Panda goes way back to the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake disaster, and in 10 years it has become the icon to inspire bravery and love throughout the world. Rolland drizzled his iconic combination of blue and white resin on the panda, a direct reference to the marine ecology. The erratic application of the resin subtly draws connection to the brutality of mother nature.

Rolland’s practice of working with resin has become his trademark. With on-demand printing technologies, he can even leverage the unique aesthetic appeal of his work with other mediums. Starlite Visual Communication Limited (Team Green®) designed the Doggy Chair as a fun, self-assembled piece of furniture that can be flat-packed, easily transported and customised with a variety of full colour-prints. Rolland’s iconic colour turbulence was digitally captured and then blown up to a much larger scale that resembles large-scale marble furnitures.

Rolland as well collaborated with Nothing Ugly, a streetwear fashion brand that aims to ‘confront’ the mainstream aesthetic with a bold and straightforward message. To an average audience with no artistic training, Rolland’s work may seem abstract without an overt message. Yet, accompanied by the brand’s self-assuring phrase ‘Nothing Ugly’, the objective is to break the stereotypes for Art amongst the public.

設計新鮮人張匯希是一位出生於90年代的年輕藝術家,他創立了自己的品牌「Agape」,專注製作手工樹脂家居用品。他欣賞樹脂這個創作媒介中固有的動態和意想不到的品質,因為每種紋理、顏色和圖案都是獨一無二的。他的實踐方式包括使用樹脂、廢木和顏料來繪製抽象景觀和想像出來的風景。他表示: 「有的時候,我在創作過程中已經會有明確的色彩構成,屆時我就只會概述自己心中的想法;在其他時候,我都是憑直覺去感受並記錄當下的心態。也許不同的方法確實會產生模式的多樣性。」

張同學又與揚聲器製造商Delta Blues Audio Limited攜手合作。他們的揚聲器系列採用獨特的平面圓形「共振盤」,可提供與眾不同的高還原度音質效果。其模塊化結構令「共振盤」能夠以各種材料和工藝製造,同時為不同的藝術家提供一個可以展現自己藝術作品的創作空間。張同學在共振盤上淋上了藍色和白色樹脂的混合物。共振盤的主要部分都是白色的,而加入深鈷藍的色彩可以在藍和白相遇時形成複雜的湍流圖案。總的來說,張同學的藝術作品大大突出了Delta Blues Audio Limited揚聲器的獨特性和藝術性。

在《設計列陣》的推動下,世界知名的慈善品牌HeArt Panda和何同學一同打造了8吋高的標誌性熊貓像。 HeArt Panda的故事可以追溯到2008年的汶川大地震,在品牌成立的10年間,它已成為激發全人類勇氣和愛心的標記。張同學在熊貓上淋上了他標誌性的藍、白色樹脂組合,這樣的外觀直接參考自海洋生態環境。不規則地應用樹脂巧妙地與大自然殘酷的一面聯繫在一起。

張同學亦與Nothing Ugly進行了合作,它是一個街頭時尚品牌,旨在用大膽而直接的信息「直面」主流美學觀念。對未經藝術訓練的普通觀眾來說,張同學的作品看起來可能有點抽象和模糊,但若結合品牌充滿自信的標語「Nothing Ugly」來思考,我們就會知道作品的目的是要打破社會大眾對藝術的刻板印象。

Design Graduate:
Cheung Wui Hei, Rolland 張匯希

Delta Blues Audio Limited
HeArt Panda
Nothing Ugly
Starlite Visual Communication Limited(Team Green®) 星光視覺媒體有限公司


Hong Kong Design Institute 香港知專設計學院