Project Description

Practical Design for Nano Apartments | 實用設計 納米單位

In many of the hyper densified cities such as Hong Kong, contentious issues of housing affordability, land availability and quality of construction have led to the emergence of “Nano-Living”, which means living in apartments smaller than 18.5 sqm (200 sqft). Such circumstances have posed a great challenge to interior and furniture designers. How do we furnish a living environment with limited space and budget while still providing a pleasing and affordable solution for the home owners?

With the notion to create an innovative and ‘out of the box’ solution, S&C Furniture Limited. collaborated with product design freshmasonries from THEi and Swinburne University of Technology to look into researching and developing a smart and customisable furniture system for this ‘nano apartment’ demographic.

The project started with the exploration on various typologies of nano apartments and empathic user research by in-depth behavioural studies and interviews, with subsequent persona analysis, conceptual and three-dimensional design development, feedback from industrial partners and factory visits, this project has emerged into examining multi-functional and efficient use-of-space as the new motto. This project has carried this vision through by designing and developing a ‘humanised’ furniture system that would accommodate the nano-living of the future.

在香港及許多類似的高密度城市中,在住房負擔、可建設土地、和建築質量上的持續性爭議,導致出現了「納米生活」,也就是生活在小於18.5平方米(200平方英尺)的公寓中。 這對室內和家具設計師提出了巨大的挑戰, 我們如何在有限的空間和預算内配置生活環境,而且解決方案既宜人又讓業主負擔得起?



Design Graduate:
Fong Wai Yam, William
She Ho Yin, Dennis
Wong Ho Leung, Horace
Yip Ying Ting, Rosie

S&C Furniture Limited
Lui, Gary
Lui, Sonia
Sze, Keith
Wong, Kent

Kee Yee Chun, Tristance
Kuys, Blair
Lai Kin Sun, Andy
Tune, Laura


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院