Project Description

Playing with the Green, Listening in the Dome |



The possibility of ‘a singing potted plant?’ – This is the centre of a bold idea between Blissful Blossom Florist and design freshmasonry, Yaya Leung.

This collaboration explores the boundaries of interactive designs and sound installation, experimenting with stationary objects and performance arts. Under Leung’s vision, the potted plant, supplied by Blissful Blossom Florist is used as an expressive medium. By attaching the Arduino programme, the plant is transformed into an electronic music input device, serving as the key control to the final art piece.

When different parts of the leaves are touched on, different sound frequencies will be amplified and broadcasted through the Delta Blues Audio Limited’s signature loudspeakers NX-1 and NX-2, which feature a minimalist design that will remain neutral and unconstrained in any situated environment. Yet its unique resonance disc is a perfect medium for collaboration due to its planar form factor, making it an ideal component for customisation.

Delta Blues Audio Limited has also designed a dome made entirely out of cardboard. It acts as a sensory deprivation zone for listeners to enjoy audio and interactive digital contents in a secluded manner. Through the collaboration with different graphic design freshmasonries, Delta Blues Audio Limited has attracted art galleries to acquire them due to their exclusivity and art-like nature, which enrich and add value to both the brand and the product range.

「一個盆栽植物有可能會唱歌嗎?」這是在Blissful Blossom Florist和設計新鮮人梁思雅之間衍生出的大膽構思。

在這次合作中,雙方突破了交互設計和音響安裝的界限,又運用靜止物體和表演藝術進行了試驗。在梁同學的理念驅動下,由Blissful Blossom Florist提供的盆栽植物成為了一個傳聲的媒介。通過加入Arduino程序,盆栽植物就會轉變為一台電子音樂輸入裝置,可見程序是作品大功告成的關鍵一環。

當觸摸葉子的不同部分時,Delta Blues Audio Limited的標誌性揚聲器NX-1和NX-2會放大和播放不同的聲音頻率,揚聲器採用了極簡約的設計,使其能夠在任何環境中都保持素淨及不受約束。不過由於共振盤為平面形狀,它不但成為了理想的定制組件,同時也是一個完美的合作媒介。

Delta Blues Audio Limited還設計了一個完全由紙板製成的圓頂。它充當著感官剝奪區的角色,供聽眾靜靜欣賞音頻和互動數位內容。 Delta Blues Audio Limited通過與不同主攻平面設計的設計新鮮人合作,成功進駐各大藝術畫廊,豐富並增加了品牌與產品的價值。

Design Graduate:
Leung Sze Nga, Yaya

Blissful Blossom Florist
Delta Blues Audio Limited


City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學