Project Description

Nothing Ugly and Everyone Matters | 缺一不可 萬物皆美


The「DesignXcel」brand is all about creating social values and synergies by putting different people together and making things work. As a budding graphic talent, design freshmasonry Quina Mourina utilised the synergies offered by the collaborator Nothing Ugly to broaden her network and reach a wider group of audience.

Nothing Ugly is a streetwear brand that aims to empower emerging artists. The unapologetic brand caption ‘nothing ugly’ is both truthful and ironic, since art can be perceived subjectively. An object can be ugly while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, thus NOTHING is intrinsically ugly. As a streetwear brand they are highly sensitive to what resonates with the narrative in the subcultural scene.

Quina designed a poster for the contemporary Morrano Art and Design Festival, in which she employed Risograph printing with gradient neon colours to make it stand out more. The resultant work created a strong visual impact with the right arrangement of basic geometric shapes, lines and patterns. The bold text ‘Nothing Ugly’ matches up to the graphic elements for the strong statement, in this occasion the focus is tilted towards empowering the designer herself.
《設計列陣》旨在聚集不同的人並創造社會價值和協同效應。作為一個正在嶄露頭角的平面設計人才,設計新鮮人陳秀明透過與合作夥伴Nothing Ugly產生的協同效應來拓寬她的網絡並吸引更多的受眾。

Nothing Ugly是一個街頭服裝品牌,旨在給予新興藝術家自主的權力。大膽直率的品牌名稱「Nothing Ugly」既真實又富諷刺意味,因為藝術可以用主觀角度感知。一個物體可能是醜陋的,但在看者的眼中可以是美麗的,所以沒有東西在本質上是醜陋的。作為一個街頭服裝品牌,他們對能與小眾文化中的故事產生共鳴的事物尤其敏感。

陳同學為當代「Morrano Art and Design Festival」設計了一張海報,她採用了漸變霓虹色的孔版油印,使其更加突出。由此產生的作品通過工整排列基本幾何形狀,讓線條和圖案產生強烈的視覺衝擊效果。張揚無畏的文字「Nothing Ugly」與蘊含有力宣言的圖像元素相匹配,而在這種情況下,焦點傾向於賦予設計師自主的權力。

Design Graduate:
Mourina, Quina

Nothing Ugly


Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong)