Project Description

Materialising Ways of Sitting | 將坐椅方式實物化

The advancement of 3D printing technologies has liberated product designers from using their bare hands to visualisation and testification the results of their creativity. In this collaboration, the furniture brand Zuo Zuo Limited and THEi product designers co-developed 80 different miniaturised seating concepts and further materialised them through the use of 3D printing.

Zuo Zuo limited embodies the philosophy of placidity within their furniture design concepts. Taking the chair as an example, they believe it is equally important to provide physical comfort as well as inner peace to the users. As a design brand, their focus is to continually innovate their products to cater the dynamic and static habits surrounding its usage. One of the key focus areas is to investigate the different postures revolved around seating.

In the collaboration process with THEi design freshmasonries, they envisioned and proposed countless seating scenarios, in response to the ever changing global trends involved in seating. The concepts were then evaluated and iterised in collaboration with engineers and product managers of Zuo Zuo Limited. A total of 80 seating concepts were produced by 3D printing, each measuring 9x8x7cm.

The 3D printed prototypes are only a snapshot of the countless decisions that were involved in the design process. The in-depth collaboration benefits future designers on cross-cultural contexts and the relevance that they have for commercial product design.



在與THEi設計新鮮人的合作過程中,他們設想並提出了無數坐在椅子上的場景,以應對座椅不斷變化的全球趨勢。然後,透過與坐座有限公司的工程師和產品經理合作,他們對這些概念進行了評估和實踐。 3D打印將共80個座椅概念變成實物,每個產品的尺寸為9x8x7cm。


Design Graduate:
Chan Wai Yin, William
Fan Weijian, Kurt
Kwan Hoi Lam, Kathy
Lee Tsui Lam, Annbeth
Tang Tze Hei, Heywood
Wong Chung Wah, Kelvin
Yiu Sau Ling, Catina

Zuo Zuo Limited
Huo, JC
Huo Run Zhong

Kee Yee Chun, Tristance
Kuys, Blair
Leung, Nathan
O’Donnell, Myles
Polozani, Aydin
Poon, Michelle
Stevens, Johnathan
Yoruk, Adam
Yu Chung Yin, Henry


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院