Project Description

Materialising the Future


The popularity of 3D printing has been growing in various industries. Using revolutionary additive manufacturing techniques, machines fuse materials such as powdered metal or plastic layer by layer, until it reaches full formation of a 3-dimensional object. Mings 3D Solutions Limited is the professional 3D printing service expert in Hong Kong, it provides one-stop 3D printing services for many renowned designers and clients. This year, Mings 3D Solutions Limited collaborated with animation freshmasonries, materialising their creativity into actual commodities.

The sci-fi adventure animation ‘Bloodxury’ features the story of two astronauts ‘IBRA’ and ‘Soldier KO’. Their habitats were devastated by famine that forced them to search for resources on other planets. Eventually they found the resources they were looking for but had accidentally awoken the giant nemesis and led to a climactic battle. Another animation work ‘Cricket World’ is a story about two crickets fighting over a fertile habitat. ‘Bad Cricket’ employs many tactics to take over ‘Old Cricket’s’ land, like kidnapping Old Cricket’s Tomato, and sending a giant gecko to shovel up his home.

The two animation works offer highly detailed 3D modelling work that are presented well on screens. Through collaborating with Mings 3D Solutions Limited , the character of ‘Soldier KO’ and the Giant Gecko featured respectively in the two animations were materialised into physical figurines. The advancement in 3D printing technologies has made it very affordable for materialising 3D objects, which could further encourage the commercialisation of the characters in the indie/ art toy market.

3D打印的普及程度在各行各業中都在持續增長。透過使用革命性的積層製造技術,機器逐層熔化諸如粉末金屬或塑料之類的材料,直至三維物件完成。 名仕新科技有限公司是香港專業的3D打印服務專家,為眾多知名設計師和客戶提供一站式3D打印服務。今年,名仕新科技有限公司與動畫新鮮人攜手合作,將他們的創意轉化為實物。

科幻冒險動畫《紅色拯救隊》講述了兩位太空飛行員伊巴和高俊的故事。飢荒摧毀了他們的家園,迫使他們在其他星球上尋找資源。最終,他們找到了他們正在搜索的資源,卻意外地喚醒了沉睡已久的敵人,觸發了一場高潮迭起的戰事。另一齣動畫片《蟋界》則講述了兩隻蟋蟀為了爭奪土地肥沃的棲息地而交戰的故事。 「壞蟋蟀」採用了許多計謀來侵奪「老蟋蟀」的土地,例如綁架老蟋蟀的番茄,和派出一隻巨型壁虎來鏟平他的家。


Design Graduate:
Chan Lap Shun
Cheung Wang Fung
Fung Chi Kong
Lam Kin Chi
Lau Ka Ho
Lee Ho Tung
Lee Ting Yu
Loo Tsz Ying
She Kai Sang
Tang Ka Ming

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