Project Description

Marvelous Self-Introduction | 傑出的自我介紹

Ten Stationery is passionate in exploring extraordinary yet practical ideas in the realm of stationery design. In a civilisation that is primarily built on flat screen interactions, the mechanical tactility of card case design – ‘I AM’ – provides a very satisfying nostalgia that is gradually disappearing in industrial designs. Underneath its minimalist exterior hides an ingenious mechanism: the releasing of the silicone band simultaneously raises the deck of cards from inside the case, providing a pragmatic yet surprising solution in the midst of self introduction.

The collaboration features Hiu Ying’s university project ‘Made in Hong Kong vol.1 — The Knock-off Rebuild’. In the project she investigated the history of Hong Kong knock-off (bootleg) toys, and concluded on their disappearance and neglected state by younger generations. She repurposed her project in the form of name cards and treated the deck as a summary for her investigation. The package includes photos of a plastic knock-off camera replica and an information booklet, shaped like the classic slinky toy. The cover of the card case also features classic Hong Kong icons of the water gun and ‘watermelon ball’. While the deck provides fascinating information of Hong Kong’s toy making heritage, it also evokes a strong sense of nostalgia among the older generations.

The minimalist aesthetic of ‘I AM’ is very adaptable across different collaborations, which successfully highlights its uniqueness and individuality, and the meticulous engineering even elevates the image of the collaborated party further.

一直以來,Ten Stationery Limited都熱衷於在文具設計領域中尋覓非凡而實用的意念。在一個人們主要用平面屏幕互動的社會中,其出品的卡片盒--「I AM」自帶的機械化觸感就能帶來一種令人尤覺滿足的懷舊感,而這種懷舊感事實上已經在工業設計中逐漸消失。卡片盒看似簡約的外觀下,其實暗藏機關。當放鬆卡片盒附有的硅膠材質橡皮筋時,內藏的卡片就會相應升起,為正想拿出卡片自我介紹的用家提供了既實用又富驚喜的方案。

此次合作的主角是陳曉瑩的大學項目「Made in Hong Kong vol.1 – The Knock-off Rebuild」。在這個項目中,她調查了香港被淘汰的(山寨)玩具的歷史,並總結了他們在年輕一代間的失蹤和被忽視的狀態。她以卡片重整了她的項目,並用卡片盒的外殼概括紀錄她研究過程。該套件包括塑膠仿製相機複製品的照片和資料小冊子,形狀仿似經典的彈簧玩具。開片盒的封面還包括香港經典的水槍和「西瓜球」圖像。外殼上一方面承載了有關香港玩具製造業的動人歷史,一方面又喚起了老一輩強烈的懷舊感。
「I AM」的極簡主義美學在不同的合作中都能適應其中,成功地突出了它的獨特性和個性,細緻的工序甚至能夠進一步提升合作夥伴的形象。

Design Graduate:
Chan Hiu Ying

Ten Stationery Limited


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學