Project Description

Marvelous Self-Introduction | 傑出的自我介紹


Ten Stationery is passionate in exploring extraordinary yet practical ideas in the realm of stationery design. In a civilisation that is primarily built on flat screen interactions, the mechanical tactility of card case design – ‘I AM’ – provides a very satisfying nostalgia that is gradually disappearing in industrial designs. Underneath its minimalist exterior hides an ingenious mechanism: the releasing of the silicone band simultaneously raises the deck of cards from inside the case, providing a pragmatic yet surprising solution in the midst of self introduction.

Under the facilitation of 「DesignXcel」, Ten Stationery Limited offered architectural design freshmasonry Yannick Lo the opportunity to reimagine the purpose of ‘I AM’. She chose to treat the collection of cards and case as a recollection of her urban renewal thesis. The cards feature the many zen-like conceptual drawings of the proposed renovated building. The minimal presentation and monochromatic presentation reduce all distractions to the light and textural qualities of the space, forcing the audience to reflect upon the heritage narrative of the historical site. Yannick applied a conceptual drawing of the building facade to the case cover, giving the case an architectural quality with the decision to allow the anodized aluminium to display through the printing ink.

Yannick’s final thesis ‘Evolution from the Past: The Unexplored Potential of A Print Factory’ is about proposing an alternative way for urban renewal. As opposed to deploying the same homogenous urban template for city planning, she insisted that cities should reflect their individuality and history of the collectives of the places. The site she based her thesis on is located in Sheung Wan, that used to be a hub of a unique industry of typography but has disappeared due to the development of new printing technologies. She wished to weave this unique cultural heritage into her proposed urban plan, presenting a slow living style and paying respect to its history.
一直以來,Ten Stationery Limited都熱衷於在文具設計領域中尋覓非凡而實用的意念。在一個人們主要用平面屏幕互動的社會中,其出品的卡片盒--「I AM」自帶的機械化觸感就能帶來一種令人尤覺滿足的懷舊感,而這種懷舊感事實上已經在工業設計中逐漸消失。卡片盒看似簡約的外觀下,其實暗藏機關。當放鬆卡片盒附有的硅膠材質橡皮筋時,內藏的卡片就會相應升起,為正想拿出卡片自我介紹的用家提供了既實用又富驚喜的方案。

在盧同學的最後一篇論文《Evolution from the past: The unexplored potential of a print factory》中,她提出了一種可以替代市區更新的方法。在反對在規劃城市時為性質相同的城市作出相同部署的同時,她堅持一座城市應該要反映出自己的個性和屬於人們的歷史。在她的論文中作為參考基礎的地點位於上環,該處曾經是排版這個獨特行業的中心,但隨著新型印刷技術冒起,它最後也消失了。她希望將這種獨特的文化遺產與自己提出的城市規劃方案編織在一起,呈現出一種緩慢舒暢的生活方式,並向排版行業的歷史致敬。

在「DesignXcel」的推動下,Ten Stationery Limited給予了建築系設計新鮮人盧芷晴重新構想「I AM」設計宗旨的機會。她選擇將一系列的卡片和卡片盒視作她市區更新論文的重現。這些卡片展示了許多充滿禪意的待翻新建築概念圖。對事物最少程度的呈現和單色描繪手法減少了所有對光線和紋理質量的干擾,使觀眾不得不反思歷史遺址背後的遺產故事。 盧同學將畫有建築正面的概念圖在卡片盒外殼中應用出來,使外殼具有建築感,並得以利用印刷油墨在用陽極氧化鋁製成的外殼上呈現。


Design Graduate:
LO Tsz Ching, Yannick

Ten Stationery Limited


The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture 香港大學建築學院