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Joyce Chin Collection

Design freshmasonry Joyce produced the graphic design ‘Let Your Heart Speak’ to be used in many collaborations. In her work, she would like to acknowledge the importance of one’s inner voice and way of seeing. Speaking from her past experience, many times a righteous decision may be influenced by other opinions, methods and interests. But at the end of the day, the best decision is the one that follows your heart. Joyce therefore imagines a ‘heart’ as an living entity, each bears an eye that stares directly at the audience. A wide-open mouth is situated adjacent to the heart, as if it is demanding its voice to be heard.

Her work was best expressed on Delta Blues Audio Limited’s NX-1 speaker. It was digitally printed on the planar and circular ‘resonance disc’, a distinct feature of the line of Delta Blues Audio Limited’s speakers that gives its unique, high-fidelity audio signature. Joyce deliberately picked the graphic to give the speaker a zoomorphic personality, as if it is babbling the sounds of the ‘heart’. The same expressive graphic was applied on ‘EcoCan’ through state-of-the-art cylindrical printing technology. Taking inspirations from a classic soda can, ECO Concepts’ design takes on a water bottle, aptly named ‘EcoCan’ – familiar yet surprisingly modern. The material PLA boasts heat resistance up to 120°C, BPA and toxic free. The graphics form an interesting interaction when two bottles are placed side-by-side.

Team Green created the Doggy Chair to be a fun, self-assembled piece of furniture that can be flat-packed, easily transported and customised with a variety of full colour-prints. It was met with the perfect graphic design of Joyce as they exemplify each other for its zoomorphic and pop-artsy representation.

T-shirts may be the most recognised form of art by popular opinion. Its huge demand has pushed collaborators like on-demand fabrication powerhouse TML Apperal Limited and streetwear clothing brand Nothing Ugly to continually innovate in this realm. Through state-of-the-art digital printing technology, they try to eliminate overhead costs that were associated with traditional printing methods, acting as an accessible platform for local artists to distribute their creative work. This transforms a T-shirt from an article of clothing, to a blank canvas for self-expression and human subjectivity. Joyce’s graphic has shown its adaptability across multiple mediums, featuring ‘Let Your Heart Speak’ and her previous work ‘Mushroom Effect’.

Joyce was selected to participate in last year’s 「DesignXcel」 exhibition. During the exhibition she caught the eye of Association for Creative Education, who saw great potential in her work, and subsequently proposed to offer a job opportunity on an upcoming mooncake packaging project. Joyce created the theme ‘Osmanthus’ for the tin packaging, depicting blooming osmanthus juxtaposed with the full moon, which is her vision of a picture-perfect scenery to be enjoyed with mooncakes.

設計新鮮人陳諾宜的平面設計作品「Let Your Heart Speak」在許多合作中都應用了出來。在她的作品中,她希望表達出自己重視一個人內心聲音和看法的重要性。從她過去的經歷來看,很多時候一個正義的決定可能會受到不同觀點、方法和利益的影響。但不管怎麼說,最好的決定還是跟隨自己的心意而行。因此,陳同學想像「心臟」是一個活生生的實體,每個心臟都有一隻眼睛,直直盯著觀眾。心臟附近又有一個張開的嘴巴,彷彿要心臟傾聽它的聲音。

她的作品最能在Delta Blues Audio Limited的NX-1揚聲器上體現出來。它以數碼形式打印在了圓形平面的「共振盤」上,共振盤也是Delta Blues Audio Limited揚聲器系列的一個獨特元素,具有獨特的高還原度音頻效果。陳同學特意挑選圖給揚聲器一種像動物一樣的感覺,彷彿它正在喋喋不休地傾吐「心臟」的心聲。ECO Concepts通過最先進的圓柱形印刷技術,將陳同學同一幅富表現力的作品應用在其產品「EcoCan」中。 ECO Concepts的設計靈感源自經典汽水罐的形象,他們採用了一個名為「EcoCan」的水瓶,這種瓶子既令人熟悉,又意想不到地富現代感。 PLA材料具有高達120°C的耐熱性,無BPA也無毒。當兩個瓶子並排放置時,圖形會有趣地相交。


在主流觀念中,T恤可能是最具認受性的藝術品。人們對其需求極大,促使合作夥伴如按量製作市場巨頭TML Apparel Limited和街頭服裝品牌Nothing Ugly在這個領域中不斷創新。通過最先進的數碼印刷技術,他們試圖消除與傳統印刷方法相關的間接成本,作為本地藝術家宣揚其作品的便捷平台。此舉將T恤從一件衣服轉變為可以用來表達自己和人類主觀思想的白畫布。陳同學的設計顯示了它在多種媒介中的適應性,並以「Let Your Heart Speak」和她之前的作品「Mushroom Effect」作為合作項目的主角。


Design Graduate:
Chin Nok Yi, Joyce

Association for Creative Education
Delta Blues Audio
ECO Concepts
Slash Studio Limited
Starlite Visual Communication Limited(Team Green®)
TML Apparel Limited
Nothing Ugly


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院