Project Description

In Search of Happiness Through Game | 在遊戲中尋覓快樂

Collaborator Leeeeee Toy Company regards living space as a ‘furnace for creativity’ and strives to create a world of plastic toys that gives them a sense of belonging. It is their belief that toys can bring happiness and relaxation, an intrinsic need for humans and the key for emotional balance. This coincides with Dorothy Yeung’s creative philosophy. In the process of creating her graduation collection, she reflected on the era of the 90s, which accompanied her upbringing. In the past, to immerse yourself in games does not equate to being physically separated by glowing screens, but having meaningful interaction with a person who is physically present. Dorothy hopes to put elements of the game into fashion design, thus redefining the concepts of ‘game’ and ‘happiness’.

In this collaboration, Dorothy used Leeeeee Toy Company’s PVC plastic toy parts to create a collection of earrings. She gave Leeeeee Toy Company’s iconic ‘Earthly’ a new painted head, and filled it with coloured clay that represents happiness. The design of the portable canvas bag is a direct extension from her graduation collection, completed by integrating the element of game into fashion accessories. Unzipping the tote bag instantly transforms the work into a floor mat, revealing a board game reminiscent of the classic ‘Snakes and Ladders’, while Leeeeee Toy Company’s figurines are transformed into chess pieces. Dorothy and Leeeeee Toy Company will continue to perfect their collaboration results towards potential future commercialisation.
合作夥伴Leeeeee Toy Company將生活空間視為「創意的熔爐」,並努力創造出一個屬於塑料玩具的世界,讓他們有歸屬感。他們相信玩具可以帶來快樂和舒暢感,而這些快感也是人類的內在需求和情緒平衡的關鍵。這與楊珮薇的創作理念不謀而合。在創作畢業作品系列的過程中,她反思了陪伴自己成長的90年代時光。在過去,讓自己沉浸在遊戲中並不等同於要將自己與發光屏幕實際分離,而是與真實存在的人進行有意義的互動。楊同學希望將游戲元素融入於時尚設計中,從而重新定義「遊戲」和「快樂」的概念。

在這次合作中,楊同學利用Leeeeee Toy Company的PVC塑料玩具零件,製作了一系列的耳環。她給Leeeeee Toy Company標誌性的「Earthly」繪製了一個全新的彩繪頭顱,並用彩色粘土填充,以象徵幸福。便攜式帆布包的設計是她畢業系列的一次直接延伸,是通過將游戲元素融入時尚配飾之中而完成的。拉開手提袋的拉鍊,可以立刻將作品轉變為一張地板墊,搖身一變成了一個會讓人想起經典「蛇梯棋」的棋盤遊戲,而Leeeeee Toy Company的小雕像則變成了棋子。楊同學和Leeeeee Toy Company將繼續完善他們的合作成果,以實現未來潛在的商業化。

Design Graduate:
Yeung Pui Mei, Dorothy

Leeeeee Toy Company


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學