Project Description

Hor Wai Lam Collection

Design freshmasonry Ghosey Hor created a graphic design collection ‘Exhibition of Bookworms’, using illustration of various insects and arthropods to represent the diverse world of Chinese literature. Her artistic approach has been heavily influenced by the style of Zentangle, a unique method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. On a macroscopic scale the drawing is bounded by realist subjectivity (such as animals) but the voids within the space are filled with repetitive abstract elements, often geometric or organic in its most microscopic level. The different insects are symbolic of the many categories of books. For instance, spiders represent craft-related books, bees stand for novels and dung beetles refer to books about environmental protection. Furthermore, Ghosey embedded the titles of classic literature within each subject in an abstract and artistic fashion that blends harmoniously with the Zentangle patterns.

The intricacy and subject matter of Ghosey’s work have great appeal to literature and handcraft enthusiasts. Under the facilitation of 「DesignXcel」, Ghosey could leverage the different industries available, exposing her work to a wider audience and commercial channels.

Collaborator TML Apparel Limited offered to print Ghosey’s graphic with their easy-to-operate T-shirt creating platform. Their goal is to eliminate the obstacles associated with traditional manufacturing, offering budding local artists and designers an approachable platform to distribute their works.

Visuals that depict insects will most certainly inflict a feeling of disgust to some audience. Yet to streetwear brand Nothing Ugly, it is the conflict of beauty and ugliness that most fascinates them. The collaborator chose to display one single insect macroscopically as if to ‘confront’ the viewer. It is their belief that through boldness and bravery can the boundaries of beauty be pushed beyond.

Ghosey’s intricate graphic was also applied on ECO Concepts’ ‘EcoCan’ through their state-of-the-art cylindrical printing technology. Taking inspirations from a classic soda can, ECO Concepts’ design takes on a water bottle, aptly named ‘EcoCan’, which is familiar yet surprisingly modern. The material PLA boasts heat resistance up to 120°C, BPA and toxic free and is white in colour in its natural state, making it a fantastic canvas to accept a multitude of printing possibilities. In this case, the different insects were printed in close-to-life scale, which appeal to those who appreciate the cohabitation of the human and nature.




合作夥伴TML Apparel Limited利用其易於操作的T恤製作平台,將范同學的設計打印出來。他們的目標是消除與傳統製造相關的障礙,為嶄露頭角的本地藝術家及設計師提供一個易於接觸的平台,以宣揚他們的作品。

描繪昆蟲的圖像總不免會令一部分觀眾產生厭惡感。然而對於街頭服裝品牌Nothing Ugly來說,最令人神往的是美與醜之間的衝突。這位合作夥伴選擇在宏觀視角上僅向觀眾展示一隻昆蟲,彷彿要讓牠「直面」觀眾。他們相信,透過堅韌和勇敢的精神,他們可以跨越美的界限。

賀同學錯綜複雜的圖案也通過ECO Concepts最先進的圓柱印刷技術,應用在其生產的「EcoCan」上。ECO Concepts的設計靈感源自經典汽水罐的形象,他們採用了一個名為「EcoCan」的水瓶,這種瓶子既令人熟悉,又意想不到地富現代感。 PLA材料具有高達120°C的耐熱性,無BPA也無毒,並且在其自然狀態下呈白色,使其成為能夠擁抱多種印刷可能性的理想畫布。在這次項目中,瓶上印上了與其真實大小相約的不同昆蟲,以吸引那些樂見人類與自然共融的人。

Design Graduate:
Hor Wai Lam, Ghosey

ECO Concepts
Nothing Ugly
TML Apparel Limited


CO1 School of Visual Arts CO1 設計學校