Project Description

Home is Where the Heart Belongs | 此心安處是吾鄉

Land issues and housing policies have always been a hot topic in Hong Kong. In her final year studies, design freshmasonry Laura aims to address the problem with housing shortages faced by the Hong Kong homeless through spatial design and urban renovation. It is the common focus and investigation on this social issue, which prompted Laura and the collaborator Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) to share and exchange ideas on these urban problems.

The HKCSS is a federation of non-government social service agencies of Hong Kong. It is involved in a number of social welfare services, including the Community Housing Movement, which provides transition housing to low-income residents who are in desperate need of community support.

Through constructive discussions and knowledge exchanges arranged by「DesignXcel」, HKCSS praised Laura’s initiative of re-creating the community space in ‘underutilised’ or ‘idle land’. Respectively, Laura understood more about the operations involved in the projects. Both parties look forward to further cooperate in the community projects of the HKCSS in the future.




Design Graduate:
Lee Lok Yu, Laura

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院