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Hit It Off Environmentally | 環保協作 一拍即合


Conversations around sustainability and eco-products have become top-of-mind social topics to the general consumers as of late. ECO Concepts is a leading industry professional actively advocating the use of the sustainable material PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid). PLA is a biodegradable material extracted from corn-starch, an ecological substitute to the conventional plastic. ECO Concepts is proud to note that ‘PLA uses 47% LESS non-renewable energy, and generates 59% LESS Greenhouse Gas emissions than the average plastic manufacturing.’

Taking inspirations from a classic soda can, ECO Concepts’ design takes on a water bottle, aptly named ‘EcoCan’, which is familiar yet surprisingly modern. The material PLA boasts heat resistance up to 120°C, BPA and toxic free. By combining the eco factors and investing in the state-of-the-art technology of cylindrical printing on PLA, ECO Concepts is able to leverage its technologies to cater to low-volume customisation requests, venturing into new markets and reaching new and smaller audiences.

Understanding the current trends of personalisation, in 「DesignXcel」2018, ECO Concepts collaborated with design freshmasonries Quina Mourina and Dwayne Lam. Quina’s work features her design of the contemporary Morrano Art and Design Festival. It explores typography, layout and the use of gradient neon colours, inspired by the idea that everyone is connected to the digital world. Dwayne’s work heavily references the style of pop art. ‘Exclusion/Diversity: Gender and Sexuality in Hong Kong’ highlights the repetition of the superimposed letters ‘Exclusion/ Diversity’. Both designs feature visually impactful colours that are faithfully represented with EcoConcept’s digital printing technique.

圍繞可持續發展和生態產品的對話可謂成為最近消費者的首要社交話題。 ECO Concepts是使用可持續物料PLA(聚乳酸)的專業行業先鋒。從玉米澱粉中提取的可生物分解物料,作為傳統塑料的生態替代品。 ECO Concepts對該物料非常自豪:「PLA使用少於47%的不可再生能源,並且比普通塑料製造產生的溫室氣體排放量低59%。」

了解當前的個性化趨勢,在《設計列陣》2018,ECO Concepts與設計新鮮人陳秀明和林再寅展開了合作。陳同學的作品以她為當代Art and Design Festival而打造的設計為主要特色。作品探索了字體排印、佈局和漸變霓虹色的使用,而靈感來自每個人都與數碼化世界相連的想法。 林再寅的作品大量引用了普普藝術風格。「排斥.差異:香港的性傾向與性別」突顯了疊加字母 「Exclusion/ Diversity」的重複性。兩款設計都運用了甚具視覺衝擊力的色彩,並通過EcoConcept的數碼化印刷技術真實地展現出來。

ECO Concepts的設計靈感源自經典汽水罐的形象,他們採用了一個名為「EcoCan」的水瓶,這種瓶子既令人熟悉,又意想不到地富現代感。 PLA材料具有高達120°C的耐熱性,無BPA也無毒。透過將生態因子與最先進的技術融合到PLA的圓柱形印刷技術中,ECO Concepts能夠利用其技術進行小批量定制要求,進軍新市場並吸引較少數的新受眾。

Design Graduate:
LAM Choi Yan, Dwayne

ECO Concepts


Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong)