Project Description

From Product to Promotion | 由產品到推銷

For its second consecutive year, Zuo Zuo Limited has been a collaborator under 「DesignXcel」 programme. It has moved forward from the scope of product design, towards the levels of promotion and operation, collaborating with design freshmasonry Potter for its sales kit design.

Having a good product is not enough on its own, it requires effective integration with sales and promotional strategies. Not only does the sales kit have to meet actual sales needs, but it also has to arouse the interests of the customers through visual communication and product data integration, leading them to understand, purchase, use and feel the actual value of the product.

It may be too much expectation for a design freshman, who just set foot into the design industry for a matter of months (not years!) to fully understand the entire product development model and concept of an industry, and then produce a flawless sales kit that conveys exactly what it is intended to do. That is where 「DesignXcel」came into assistance. As an intermediary platform, it utilises design thinking and management skills, plus experience in manufacturing and business operations to guide Potter to achieve the final results of the project.






Design Graduate:
LEUNG Chun Ho, Potter

Zuo Zuo limited


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院