Project Description

Designing Out of the Box | 天馬行空的設計

In many of the hyper densified cities such as Hong Kong, contentious issues of housing affordability, land availability and quality of construction have led to the emergence of ‘Nano-Living’, which means living in apartments smaller than 18.5 sqm (200 sqft). Such circumstances have posed a great challenge to interior and furniture designers. How do we furnish a living environment with limited space and budget while still providing a pleasing and affordable solution for the home owners?

In response to the growing need for space saving solutions in Hong Kong, product design freshmasonry Mike Sung has developed a brand new clothes drying product concept – Dryer³. The product features a collapsible and expandable solution that fits into different living scenarios. The accordian style housing allows a complete coverage of the clothing during the process of drying, forming a ‘hot box’ within the compartment to foster quicker drying.

With the notion to create an innovative and ‘out of the box’ solution, S&C Furniture Limited looked into researching and developing a smart and customisable furniture system for this ‘nano apartment’ demographic. The solution includes a digital platform to allow the users to take part in the process of customisation.

With a similar focus in demography, Mike and S&C Furniture Limited have teamed up to integrate Mike’s Dryer³ into one of the ‘modules’ of S&C Furniture Limited’s customisable furniture solution. Part of the solution is an elevated bed that houses multiple necessary ‘modules’ underneath the sleeping area, including tables, chairs and storage compartments. S&C Furniture Limited’s original design did not include a dedicated drying module. Through this collaboration, such possibility has been achieved through conceptual design and presented through precise computer rendering.

The final solution maintains a clean and decluttered space even under the limited circumstances of living inside a nano-apartment. It is not hard to imagine the end product being deployed in the market, as micro apartments have become the prevailing solution for the younger generations in Hong Kong.

在香港、及許多類似的高密度城市中,在住房負擔、可建設土地、和建築質量上的持續性爭議,導致出現了“納米生活”,也就是生活在小於18.5平方米(200平方英尺)的公寓中。 這對室內和家具設計師提出了巨大的挑戰, 我們如何在有限的空間和預算内配置生活環境,而且解決方案既宜人又讓業主負擔得起?





Design Graduate:
SUNG Man Chun, Mike

S&C Furniture Limited | 方圓家俱有限公司


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學