Project Description

Design in the Works | 設計中的設計

Collaborator SDWorks is a platform that assists students from School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to launch their ideas in the real world, optimising and resolving issues with manufacturing companies and understanding customers’ feedback. It further develops, produces and commercialises items designed by the design freshmasonries. They often see great commercial potential in their projects and have subsequently turned these works into reality. SDWorks provides the necessary guidance in areas of business and manufacturing, and subsequently even manufactures the designs on site or assists in their licensing with industrial partners.

Design freshmasonries Kaleb Choi, Ricky Chow and Momo Mo have founded the brand LIVE upon their graduation, and their product HZ01 Heart Lamp has received production and commercialisation assistance through SDWorks to become a collection at its retail store. LIVE designs products inspired by the human organs, its mission is to highlight their fundamental value to life. HZ01 Heart Lamp takes the image of a human heart and transforms it into a desktop lamp. It symbolises the hope and transmission of life, as organ donation is never sufficient in the society. By creating a luxurious product with the theme of an organ, the message of ‘life is precious and treasurable’ is emphasised.

Design freshmasonry So Fan’s challenging graduation project was selected as one of the Best of Show. It is about the branding of Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s 25 Anniversary, titled ‘READ THE NOTES – Hong Kong Stories on Banknotes.’ Every image or word depicted on the banknote is part of the reflection to history, culture and society. Whenever they are reorganised and sorted out from notes, they will show incredible stories of people in their cities. Sofan presents these stories by using the familiar symbols, patterns and images on banknotes. ‘Banknotes are not only a means of payment, they are also pieces of craftsmanship, visually documenting the social, cultural and historical development of our city.’ SDWorks have aided the commercialisation of Sofan’s graphic endeavour, turning it into a magnificent silk scarf through the use of digital printing techniques.

合作夥伴SDWorks是一個旨在幫助香港理工大學設計學院的學生在現實世界中宣揚個人意念、優化製造業公司並解決其問題,以及了解客戶反饋的平台。它會進一步把設計新鮮人設計的項目開發、生產及商業化。他們往往能在項目裡捕捉到當中巨大的商業潛力,並隨後將這些作品變成實物。 SDWorks一直致力在業務和製造領域提供必要的指導工作,後來甚至在現場將設計新鮮人的作品製造出來,或者協助其向工業合作夥伴取得認證。

設計新鮮人蔡家豪、鄒小煒和巫卓恒在畢業時創立了品牌LIVE,他們的產品HZ01 Heart Lamp通過SDWorks獲得了生產和商業化方面的幫助,成為品牌零售店中的一個系列。 LIVE設計的產品靈感源自人體器官,其使命是彰顯這些器官對生命的根本價值。 HZ01 Heart Lamp燈採用人的心臟圖像,並將其轉換為座檯燈。它象徵著生命的希望和承傳,因為願意支持器官捐贈的人在社會上永遠不足夠。通過創作一個以器官為主題的奢華產品,品牌強調了「生命寶貴且值得珍惜」的信息。

設計新鮮人莫素芬甚具挑戰性的畢業項目被選為最佳展品之一。這是為香港金融管理局成立25週年而設的品牌建立作品,題目為「READ THE NOTES – Hong Kong Stories on Banknotes」。鈔票上描繪的每一個圖像或文字都是對歷史、文化和社會反思的一部分。每當它們被重組並整理出來時,它們就會展現城市中那些令人難以置信的故事。 莫同學透過在紙幣上使用熟悉的符號、圖案和圖像來呈現這些故事。 「紙幣不僅是一種支付手段,它們也是工藝品,可以直觀地記錄我們城市的社會、文化和歷史發展。」SDWorks幫助莫同學將其作品商業化,通過數碼印刷技術,把它轉化成了一條華麗的絲質圍巾。


Design Graduate:
Choi Ka Ho, Kaleb
Chow Siu Wai, Ricky
Mo Cheuk Hang, Momo
Mok So Fan



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學