Project Description

Design for Flexible Living | 彈性設計 自在生活


As a constant partner of Design Council of Hong Kong (DCHK) in quite a number of projects, Giormani has offered professional guidance and advices to emerging young product designers for the prototype production of furniture pieces, pushing forward Hong Kong’s original designs and creative culture in「DesignXcel」 2018. Giormani comes back not only with fresh design talents, but also the hardware supplier Ming Tat Hong, executing its innovative and versatile spirit to produce customised furniture for the small and congested city of Hong Kong.

To become the trendsetter is not to follow, but to initiate. What is better than working with the ones who constitute trends themselves? Targeting the market of young people, who maybe newly-weds or a small family, the sofa furniture can be expandable and transformed into multiple settings with different purposes, be it a bed, a workstation or a dining area. Despite the packed living environment in Hong Kong, the designs of Giormani and the emerging design freshmasonries have maximised the use of space and added to it a personal touch of individual character and attitude.


Design Graduate:
Cheung King Chung, Marco
Lee Ka Yi, Flora

Arredamenti Company Limited (Giromani)


Hong Kong Design Institute 香港知專設計學院