Project Description

Curating Your Own Gallery | 策展你的個人藝廊


If collaboration is the art of human interaction, a sustainable collaboration is then a gallery of proven success.「DesignXcel」2018 continues to team up with GOXD Technology Limited to introduce emerging filmmakers and artists to exhibit their works with its patented, ultra high-definition Memto™ 4K Picture Frame. The device has a built-in operating system that is optimised for the display of contents in a gallery context, such as motion picture and cinemagraphs playback, and a cloud storage for easy loading of contents. Its exterior features a sturdy wood frame that matches with the elegant interiors of galleries.

With GOXD’s ultra high-definition display and playback optimisation, a series of photographic works and a short film from The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) have been further elevated and brought to the audience through an alternative visual experience. Vanessa Law, Lam Yuen Kiu and Pun Lam Shing have produced the short film ‘Man Kwai House’ during their studies. The film depicts an adventure story in a dark humour tone, with the synopsis below:

‘Ten years ago, a boy Hoyin met a female ghost Siu Man. Because of an accident, Siu Man missed the opportunity to reincarnate. Ten years later, Hoyin and his friends decided to help Siu Man go through reincarnation. With the time constraints and the impedance of Master Lung, they are determined to fight this battle…’

Design freshmasonry Lai Chi produced the photographic collection ‘The Last 24 Hours’. The series documents the reactions of a several interviewees when they were presented with an imaginary scenario:

‘Starting from tomorrow, “The bachelor crime” will be enacted by the government. Those who still remain single will be granted 24 hours to seek for the love of their lives, or else they will be turned into beasts and sent to the woods for the rest of their lives. What are they going to do in the coming 24 hours?’

Apart from the portraits, the collection features photographic documentation of the paper sculptures of the beasts, which the interviewees would like to turn into upon their inevitable ending. Each one is matched with a hand written statement to justify their decision.

These great works of art and design form a gallery of their own to speak for their creators; and if a picture is worth a thousand words, won’t you come to experience the priceless innovation to see if it speaks to you too?


憑藉著突維科技有限公司的超高清顯示和播放優化性能,香港公開大學一系列攝影作品和短片的質素得以更上一層樓,帶給觀眾另類的視覺體驗。 羅芷茵、林沅翹和潘林晟在學期間製作了短片《萬貴樓》,以黑暗幽默的基調講述了一個冒險故事,其內容概要如下:






Design Graduate:
Lam Yuen Kiu
Law Tsz Yan, Vanessa
Pun Lam Shing
Yu Lai Chi

GOXD Techonology Limited


The Open University of Hong Kong 香港公開大學