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Curating Your Own Gallery | 策展你的個人藝廊


If collaboration is the art of human interaction, a sustainable collaboration is then a gallery of proven success.「DesignXcel」2018 continues to team up with GOXD Technology Limited to introduce emerging young artists, illustrators, animators and designers the exclusive experience with the 3D autostereoscopic display technology. Through the high-tech Memto™ 3D frame of GOXD Technology, the audience can enjoy the images, still or moving, without wearing the 3D glasses in high definition.

With GOXD’s glasses-free 3D technology, a series of animation works from The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) have been further enhanced and brought to the audience in a brand new visual experience.

The animation ‘Cant Stop Me Now’ features a story that takes place in a traditional ‘Yum Cha’ setting. The child protagonist is bored with the traditional social occasion because he is constantly neglected by his parents. He therefore creates a vivid adventure story with imaginative creatures. The animators would like to highlight the importance of imagination in children and remind the adults to cherish their creative abilities.

‘Losing Sight of a Longed Place’ is a short animation sequence depicting the struggle of a homosexual young man who grew up in Hong Kong. He is met with a lot of difficulties during his struggle for the LGBT rights, even expressing conflicts with his father during his pursuit. The animators took the audience through a psychedelic journey into the minds of the protagonist, during which he re-examines his relationship with his family, the society and most importantly, himself.

In ‘Kin’s Hair’, the protagonist Kin realised that he has been losing hair after a failed relationship. He almost lost all his hair over the course of 20 years until one day he met his lover again, where the last strand of hair has fallen off from his head. He then realised he has missed the opportunity of having a good life, choosing instead to worry his life (hair) away. The animation subtly references the historical events of Hong Kong over the past 20 years and provokes the audience to reflect on their own stance.

The sci-fi adventure ‘Bloodxury’ features the story of two space pilots ‘IBRA’ and ‘Soldier KO’. Their habitats were devastated by famine that forced them to search for resources on other planets. Eventually they found the resources they were looking for but had accidentally awoken the giant nemesis and led to a climactic battle.

‘Cricket World’ is a story about two crickets fighting over a fertile habitat. ‘Bad Cricket’ employs many tactics to take over ‘Old Cricket’s’ land, like kidnapping Old Cricket’s Tomato, and sending a giant gecko to shovel up his home. Both animations ‘Bloodxury’ and ‘Cricket World’ feature a highly detailed 3D modelling that popped extraordinarily under GOXD Technology Limited’s display.

These great works of art and design form a gallery of their own to speak for their creators; and if a picture is worth a thousand words, won’t you come to experience the priceless innovation to see if it speaks to you too?






《蟋界》講述了兩隻蟋蟀為了爭奪土地肥沃的棲息地而交戰的故事。 「壞蟋蟀」採用了許多計謀來侵奪「老蟋蟀」的土地,例如綁架老蟋蟀的番茄,和派出一隻巨型壁虎來鏟平他的家。動畫片《紅色拯救隊》和《蟋界》都具備非常精密的3D建模工作,而作品在突維科技有限公司的展示技術支持下亦變得廣受歡迎。


Design Graduate:
Chan Kwun Chung
Chan Lap Shun
Chang See Wan
Cheung Wang Fung
Fung Chi Kong
Fung King Hei, Eric
Kwok Sze Wing, Charis
Lam Kin Chi
Lau Ka Ho
Lee Ho Tung
Lee Ting Yu
Lo Tsz Yau
Loo Tsz Ying
She Kai Sang
Shek Ka Chun
Tang Ka Ming
Wong Chun Long
Wong Tsz Yin
Wong Tsz Ying
Wong Yuen Ki, Annie
Yiu Hung Chun

GOXD Techonology Limited


The Open University of Hong Kong 香港公開大學