Project Description

When Art and Music Resonate | 當藝術和音樂交匯時


Winswin Limited (iDummy) has engaged「DesignXcel」as a social platform to showcase their product technology with design freshmasonries who could potentially be invited to work in future partnerships. iDummy is a robotic mannequin that possesses the ability to change into different sizes for different purposes. Using 3D body scanning technology, iDummy can easily transform into any sizes that can be digitally saved for future use. This pioneering product provides a leap in convenience for designers who have the daily need to create tailored garments, such as Qipao, wedding dresses, and couture gowns.

iDummy has collaborated with 4 design freshmasonries from CBCC on the level of knowledge exchange by demonstrating the product through a hands-on workshop. The latter’s graduation collections were exhibited alongside with iDummy’s setup, as a statement on how disruptive technologies can influence the development of fashion design.

Carl Chan’s collection ‘Copain’ is based on the hypothetical crossover between artist Picasso and fashion designer Coco Chanel. Her collection features the elegance and simplicity known for Chanel designs, while combining elements of cubism and surrealism that are distinctly Picasso.

Chi Wing presents the brutal truth of humanity in her fashion collection ‘Rotten Truth’. Using layers of mesh, organza, chiffon and polyester, she represents the multiple layers of lies that the society builds to cover up brutal realities. Usually people only choose to accept the layers of icing, leading to further corruption and deterioration of truth.

Lui Shu Wa’s collection ‘Forget, Unforgettable’ is inspired by the melancholic feeling one experiences under dementia. The degenerative brain syndrome affects one’s memory, thinking, behaviours and until it completely engulfs one’s functional ability. Shu Wa nevertheless emphasises on the importance of human relationship despite the gloom state.

Sugar Lv’s collection is a commentary on the recent trend of fast fashion. This habit of consumption has resulted in serious waste and pollution problems against the environment. As a countermeasure, Sugar uses the methods of reconstruction to transform old suits and shirts into avant-garde designs, promoting their longevity while bringing new values to the clothes.

永奕有限公司 (iDummy) 善用《設計列陣》作為一個社交平台,向一眾有潛質成為公司未來合作夥伴的設計新鮮人展示他們的產品技術。 iDummy是一個機械人體模特,具有為不同目的而變成不同尺寸的能力。透過使用內置的3D人體掃描技術,iDummy可以輕鬆轉換成能以數據形式儲存的任何尺寸,以供將來之用。這一先驅性的產品為平常需要打造定制服裝,如旗袍婚紗和高級定制禮服的設計師帶來了極大的便利。


陳靜儀的作品系列「Copain」以著名藝術家畢加索和時裝設計師Coco Chanel之間的假想合作為設計藍本。作品系列以香奈兒設計的優雅和簡約為主打,同時揉合了畢加索別具一格的個人特色--立體主義和超現實主義元素。




Design Graduate:
Chan Ching Yee, Carl
Chau Chi Wing, Emily
Lui Shu Wa
Lv ShuJia Sugar

Winswin Limited 永奕有限公司


Caritas Bianchi College of Careers 明愛白英奇專業學校