Project Description

Crossing in Fashion | 跨界時裝

iDummy has engaged「DesignXcel」as a social platform to showcase their product technology with design freshmasonries who could potentially be invited to work in future partnerships. iDummy is a robotic mannequin that has the ability to change into different sizes for different purposes. Using 3D body scanning technology, iDummy can easily transform into any sizes that can be digitally saved for future use. This pioneering product provides a leap in convenience for designers who have the daily need to create tailored garments, such as Qipao, wedding dresses, and couture gowns.

iDummy has collaborated with 5 design freshmasonries from THEi on the level of knowledge exchange by demonstrating the product through a hands-on workshop. The latter’s graduation collections were exhibited alongside with iDummy’s setup, as a statement on how disruptive technologies can influence the development of fashion design.

Lummy Chan’ collection ‘The Red Book’ is based on a real life incident where a psychologist records all the craziness and chaotic dreams of himself. In the collection ‘Behind the Smile’, Po Cho wants to raise awareness to the phenomenon of ‘smiling depression’ that permeates our society, and encourages the audience to confront their pain directly.

Monie Ko overturns tradition to use unexpected materials such as bamboo, rattan and hay as opposed to fabrics in her collection “Bamboo Chick (竹妞)”. Not only is it a homage to craft culture but subtly comments of the habit of fast consumerism. Lorraine Tam’s ‘I’M A PSYCHO’ presents an introspective view on psychological patients, highlighting their inner vibrancy that is otherwise invisible to the masses. Grace Yau’s ‘24/7’ collection imagines a society where the physicality of humans are transformed by the hectic pace of life. They live out by their original set of rules and embody exotic aesthetics.

Young and emerging designers were given the opportunity to experience the possible improvement this technological advancement could bring to their design work-flow. It is expected that these design freshmasonries will eventually be the key players of the future technology-driven society and potential partners of iDummy.

永奕有限公司 (iDummy) 善用《設計列陣》作為一個社交平台,向一眾有潛質成為公司未來合作夥伴的設計新鮮人展示他們的產品技術。 iDummy是一個機械人體模特,具有為不同目的而變成不同尺寸的能力。透過使用內置的3D人體掃描技術,iDummy可以輕鬆轉換成能以數據形式儲存的任何尺寸,以供將來之用。這一先驅性的產品為平常需要打造定制服裝,如旗袍婚紗和高級定制禮服的設計師帶來了極大的便利。


陳佩琳的作品系列「The Red Book」是基於現實生活事件創作,描繪一位心理學家將自己所有狂想記錄下來的過程。透過「Behind the Smile」作品系列,曹寶希望提高對我們社會上「微笑抑鬱」現象的關注度,並鼓勵觀眾直面自己的痛苦。

高倩藍顛覆傳統,使用了竹子、藤條和乾草等意想不到的材料,而非她「竹妞」系列中運用的面料。作品不僅向工藝文化致敬,而且對快速消費主義習慣作出了巧妙評論。 譚樂怡的作品「I’M A PSYCHO」對心理疾病患者提出了一種內省的觀點,突出了他們內心那些不為世所知的活力。 邱茵琪的作品系列「24 / 7」想像了一個人類的身體會因忙碌的生活節奏而改變的社會。他們以原始的原則生活,體現出甚具異國風情的美感。



Design Graduate:
Chan Pui Lam, Lummy
Cho Po
Ko Sin Lam, Monie
Tam Lok Yee, Lorraine
Yau Yan Ki, Grace

Winswin Limited 永奕有限公司


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院