Project Description

Crossing in Fashion | 跨界時裝


iDummy has engaged「DesignXcel」as a social platform to showcase their product technology with design freshmasonries who could potentially be invited to work in future partnerships. iDummy is a robotic mannequin that possesses the ability to change into different sizes for different purposes. Using 3D body scanning technology, iDummy can easily transform into any sizes that can be digitally saved for future use. This pioneering product provides a leap in convenience for designers who have the daily need to create tailored garments, such as Qipao, wedding dresses, and couture gowns.

iDummy has collaborated with 6 design freshmasonries from Raffles on the level of knowledge exchange by demonstrating the product through a hands-on workshop. The latter’s graduation collections were exhibited alongside iDummy’s setup, as a statement on how disruptive technologies can influence the development of fashion design.

Serena Chan created an experimental unisex collection ‘Space of My Own’ for those who are struggling to find their own place. She used heavy textures and a unique oversized silhouette to exemplify the concept of displacement and the collapse of humanity.

Haldia,Tanisha’s collection ‘Kamasutra’ features the silk dyed in traditional indian colours. She attempts to raise awareness of the Kamasutra as a symbol for the empowerment of female identity, and to address the misconceptions of writings and ideologies behind sexuality, to which the Indian society forbids.

In her fashion collection, Hartono,Velika Hilary explores Mother Teresa’s globally renowned benevolence, and what malpractice and ethical concerns may have occurred under her watch. The concept is expressed through the application of the Christian cross, and materials including wools, tweed and customised sequins and warped fabric manipulations.

Ng Sin Mei designed a contemporary menswear collection ‘Nostalgia’ to describe the time of labour from the perspective of an infant. The collection combines masculine and feminine elements to state the undefined moment before being born.

Ng Sze Wing’s collection ‘B-612’ employs a number of visual elements to present the feeling of displacement when life is disoriented. The dominant colour blue is used throughout the collection to evoke the feeling of helplessness. With that in mind, she uses the embroidery of stars to represent the presence of hope.

Nicole Shek’s collection ‘Seven’ focuses on the contrast between imaginary and humanistic ideologies making use of dynamic silhouettes and fabrications. The diverse use of materials represents displacement, and references how the human body undergoes a complete renewal of cells every seven years, hence questioning the fundamental idea of ‘self’.

永奕有限公司 (iDummy) 善用《設計列陣》作為一個社交平台,向一眾有潛質成為公司未來合作夥伴的設計新鮮人展示他們的產品技術。 iDummy是一個機械人體模特,具有為不同目的而變成不同尺寸的能力。透過使用內置的3D人體掃描技術,iDummy可以輕鬆轉換成能以數據形式儲存的任何尺寸,以供將來之用。這一先驅性的產品為平常需要打造定制服裝,如旗袍婚紗和高級定制禮服的設計師帶來了極大的便利。

通過交流知識和經驗,iDummy與來自Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong)的6位設計新鮮人決定攜手合作。後者的畢業作品更與iDummy的設置一起展出,作為印證顛覆性技術將如何影響時裝設計發展的宣言。

陳雪芯為那些努力尋找自己的位置的人打造了一個實驗性的、男女皆宜的「My Own Space」系列。她運用了厚重的紋理和獨特的超大輪廓來說明置換的概念和人類文明的崩潰。

Tanisha Haldia的系列「Kamasutra」採用了以傳統印度色彩染製的絲綢。她希望提高人們對對《慾經》的認識,使其成為賦予女性身份權力的象徵,並澄清對印度社會禁止的與性有關的著作和意識形態的誤解。

在她的時裝系列中,Velika Hilary Hartono探究了德蘭修女在國際間知名的仁慈性格,以及在她的管理下可能出現的瀆職和道德問題。這一概念通過運用基督教十字架和包括羊毛、花呢羊毛、定制的閃光亮片以及彎曲的織物在內的材料表達了出來。




Design Graduate:
Chan Suet Sum, Serena
Haldia Tanisha
Hartono Velika Hilary
Ng Sin Mei
Ng Sze Wing
Shek Wai Lam, Nicole

Winswin Limited 永奕有限公司


Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong)