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Participating in the collaborations facilitated by 「DesignXcel」for the second year, Visual Communication design freshmasonry Cheung Pak Wai has found herself perfecting her narrative within designs and offering the cultural depth she envisions for her clients. Association for Creative Education approached Pak Wai Cheung after seeing her work exhibited at「DesignXcel」2017. She is complimented for the poetic take in her works and her eye for intricate hand-drawn illustrations. Pak Wai was subsequently offered an opportunity to do illustration for the packaging of a Chinese Mooncake brand, and her works would be replicated on the iconic tin-canister mooncake packaging.

The brief for Pak Wai was to create a graphic design based on the theme of ‘Moon Gazing’. Traditionally, it is a leisure activity paired with eating mooncakes and holding lanterns under the full moon. The final imagery depicts a surreal scenery of famous architectural icons across China, all gazing towards the moon regardless of a sense of the actual distance between each other. It conveys a sense of belonging towards one’s cultural roots (the moon), even though they are physically apart. The graphic was very well received among the clients, it was therefore replicated on the official envelope and given out as an official souvenir for the exhibition this year.

Pak Wai’s ‘Moon Gazing’ was again employed in the collaboration with the streetwear fashion brand Nothing Ugly. As a street brand they are highly sensitive as to what resonates with the narrative in the subculture scene. They favour the Chinese influence and narrative offered in Cheung’s work. As they see it, there is a sense of bitterness in the graphic as many young generations will leave their hometown to work in the urban areas (such as Shenzhen). For a reading with more depth, the work conveys the sense of hope towards their roots, which is a feeling shared by many youngers living in the different metropolises in China.

With the facilitation of 「DesignXcel」, the global charity icon HeArt Panda and Pak Wai collaborated on its iconic 8-inch tall Panda figurine. The story of HeArt Panda goes way back to the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake disaster, and in 10 years it has become the icon to inspire bravery and love throughout the world. The colours of green and black featured in Pak Wai’s panda were used to represent our environment and pollution; whereas the panda symbolises how the environment has slowly become devastated due to our pollution, as shown from the black colour creeping up from the hands and legs. Nonetheless, nature always has its way of re-distributing the impact that is acted upon it; but if we don’t act soon, there may be no more distinction between green and black.



張同學的「賞月」又一次在與街頭時裝品牌Nothing Ugly合作裡應用其中。作為一個街頭品牌,他們對能與小眾文化中的故事產生共鳴的事物尤其敏感。他們對張同學的作品中涉及的中國影響力及其故事尤其喜愛。一如他們所見,圖中帶著一種苦澀感,因為許多年輕一代將離開家鄉到城市地區(如深圳)工作。若再深入解構作品,我們會發現作品傳達了他們對鄉土的希望感,而這亦是生活在中國不同大都市的許多年輕人的共同感受。

在《設計列陣》的推動下,世界知名的慈善品牌HeArt Panda和何同學一同打造了8吋高的標誌性熊貓像。 HeArt Panda的故事可以追溯到2008年的汶川大地震,在品牌成立的10年間,它已成為激發全人類勇氣和愛心的標記。張同學熊貓上的綠色和黑色用來代表我們的環境和污染問題;而熊貓象徵著環境如何因為我們的污染而慢慢變得殘破,如從熊貓的手和腿上攀援的黑色所示。儘管如此,大自然總是有自己一套的方法,重新分散在其身上發生的影響;但如果我們不盡快採取行動,綠色和黑色之間就可能再沒有區別。

Design Graduate:
Cheung Pak Wai

Association for Creative Education
HeArt Panda
Nothing Ugly
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Hong Kong Design Institute 香港知專設計學院