Project Description

Project Title:
Bloodxury | 紅色拯救隊

This animation is about two pilots, IBRA and Soldier KO. Because of the famine problem, the fictional country constantly sent search teams to different planets to find food. IBRA and Soldier KO were two of the cosmic pilots who were entrusted such an important mission. After a long search, they finally found food! Just as they thought they had completed their mission, their careless mistake woke up their giant nemesis and led to a fatal dogfight. They had to survive and carry the food home safely. Could the pilots overcome the crisis and return home as heroes? Or would they fail and be burnt into ashes?

完成任務,回國成為英雄? 又或者他們會失敗而被燒成灰燼?

Design Graduate:
Chan Lap Shun | 陳立信

Open University Hong Kong | 香港公開大學

GOXD(3D display)