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Bianca Yip Collection


Fine Art freshmasonry Bianca Yip is deeply fascinated by the miraculous cosmos that encompasses all human existence. Her style of work is deeply rooted in her internal debate for the perception of normality, and the ongoing question for the nature of our reality as science reveals that more than 95% of the universe’s matter is not directly interactable with human beings. The sea of knowledge might be so vast that humans as a civilisation might be only scratching the surface as to what comprises our universe. With this optimistic nihilism forming the conceptual background of Bianca’s work, she instead finds her drawing process a self-healing journey and an introspection about her position within the vast cosmos.

Bianca was approached by the「DesignXcel」project team to illustrate a set of press invitation cards for Collaborator Novel Fineries Limited. The brand is known for products that highlight the lost arts and crafts of traditional artisans, it revives their skills in a modern context. Novel Fineries Limited designed a collection of shoulder capes that were inspired by Hindu gods and goddesses. Bianca’s artistic style matched perfectly with the theme, especially with her practice in representing life, balance and reincarnation graphically. The press invitation features Bianca’s illustration on one side, depicting an imaginary goddess figure wearing the shoulder cape. In contrast to the other side, which features a styled shooting of a model wearing the blue shoulder cape.

With the development and popularisation of printing technology, there are more and more spaces where designers can make use of as canvases to realise ideas. The tablet leather case of Tai Shing Diary Limited (Daycraft) happens to be one of these nice ‘canvases’ suitable for designers to freely create. Bianca’s black-and-white illustration depicts the surreal scene of a higher dimension cosmos. The rectangular form factor of the tablet cases allows little to no excessive interference with the designs of Bianca; the works were merely incorporated into the environmentally friendly leather, making them art pieces that can be carried around.

As a design and development company specialising in the electronic industry, P.S.L. Limited targets the promotional market not only by its existing product range, but also new and unique co-creations with the younger generations to add value. Both images and music are distinct forms of human expressions. As the moods alter, what one sees and listens to change accordingly. Through the introduction of this collaborative electronic device, which is at once an image frame and a loudspeaker, the tunes are enriched and elevated to the next level by the works of Bianca.

《設計列陣》項目團隊與葉同學接洽,為合作夥伴Novel Fineries Limited展示了一系列媒體邀請卡。品牌以突出傳統工匠失傳的藝術及工藝品而聞名,致力在現代社會中讓這些傳統手藝得以重見天日。 Novel Fineries Limited設計了一系列披肩,靈感受印度教神靈所啟發。葉同學的藝術風格與主題完美搭配,這特別在她以圖像方式表現生命、平衡和輪迴的方法中表現出來。媒體邀請的一面是葉同學設計的插圖,描繪了一個穿著披肩的假想女神。另一面則為一位披著藍色披肩的模特兒的照片,與前者形成對比。

隨著印刷技術的發展和普及,設計師可以利用越來越多的空間作為畫布來實現創意。 大誠日記有限公司(Daycraft)的平板電腦皮套恰好是適合設計師自由創作的精美「畫布」之一。 葉同學設計的黑白色插圖描繪了更高維度時空的超現實場景。平板電腦外殼的矩形結構幾乎沒有對葉同學的設計進行任何過量干擾,而這些作品僅被納入環保皮革中,使其成為可隨身攜帶的藝術品。

作為一家專注於電子行業的設計及開發公司,P.S.L. Limited不僅以發展現有的產品系列為目標,而且還力求與年輕一代共創簇新獨特的產品為品牌增值。圖像和音樂都是人類表達的不同形式。隨著情緒的轉換,人們接收並理解到的信息也會相應地改變。通過引入這種同時是圖像框架和揚聲器的協作電子裝置,葉同學的插圖令從揚聲器傳出的音韻不僅生色不少,更提升至一個新的水平。

Design Graduate:
Yip Wai Shuen, Bianca 葉慧璇

Novel Fineries Limited
P.S.L. Limited
Tai Shing Diary Limited (Daycraft)


Hong Kong Baptist University 香港浸會大學