Project Description

Beyond Three Dimensions | 跨越三維空間

Virtual Reality (VR) technologies bring great advantages as a transferable skill to designers, they are also a new medium to communicate concepts and realise creative visions. Viewing a design in VR requires the audience to put on a 3D display headset that completely covers one’s field of vision to create a sense of ‘immersion’. The visuals will appear highly realistic, as if putting the audience in a ‘first-person’ view situated at the building site. Apart from the sense of depth, it further mimics the senses of light, texture and scale, that would otherwise be impossible to replicate with traditional plan drawings and 3D renderings. This breaks the communication barrier between visually proficient designers and result-driven clients (who is often less proficient in visual imagination), and encourages more collaboration between the two.

As a collaborator in「DesignXcel」with first-hand knowledge in VR, Unity Future Optimizer (UFO) Company Limited conducted a 4-hour intensive course with interior design freshmasonry Andy Sham. Using the professional software ‘Unity’, Andy would learn to present his project in the format of VR.

Andy’s interior design project features a multiple-experience football entertainment centre located in the area of the Mongkok ‘Sneakers Street’. The aim is to provide a perfect place for people interested in soccer to watch the games and hold promotional events for the development of local soccer. A Live Broadcast Sports Centre will be the predominant feature of the space, there are additionally several football-themed spaces, such as the Hall of Fame and Audience Stand. Large-screen TV’s will be featured in these adjacent spaces, bringing the same experience to a diverse range of audiences.

VR is used here to represent the abstract ideas of the design before it materialises. Such a huge project will involve many different stakeholders, such as visitors, the staff and VIPs. VR is a good way for them to determine the viability of the proposed solution from different angles.




項目運用了虛擬實境技術,在設計成真之前把當中的抽象概念呈現出來。這樣一個龐大的項目將涉及許多不同的持分者,如訪客、工作人員和貴賓。 如此一來,虛擬實境就可以幫助他們從不同角度出發,判斷建議解決方案的可行性。

Design Graduate:
SHAM Yiu Yeung, Andy

Unity Future Optimizer (UFO) Company Limited 優孚奧學校


Caritas Bianchi College of Careers 明愛白英奇專業學校