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Anthea Sin Collection


During her practice as an illustrator, design freshmasonry Anthea Sin finds herself frequently revisiting the theme of Hong Kong. Particularly in highlighting the beauty from the mundane scenes of everyday life.

The development of Hong Kong has been faster than ever, what used to be familiar to us are gradually disappearing. iGLOOZ Limited has transformed these disappearing everyday Hong Kong scenes into a miniature stationery set, archiving the collective memories of Hong Kong. Among these scenes are the Hong Kong photo hotspots that are global hits, such as the public housing in Choi Hung Estate and Nam Shan Estate, the street lamps and rats in back alleys, the classic blackboards of primary and secondary schools in green tone, as well as the locals’ favourite nostalgic cha chaan teng.

In addition to allowing everyone to taste and appreciate the everyday life of Hong Kong, the design of iGLOOZ Limited also comes with a memo. Anthea took the memo as her canvas to house the local Hong Kong items and related texts. It works as a reminder for us not to forget these items from the past that we grew up with, storing them in our hearts with words and illustrations.

Ten Stationery is passionate in exploring extraordinary yet practical ideas in the realm of stationery design. In a civilisation that is primarily built on flat screen interactions, the mechanical tactility of card case design – ‘I AM’ – provides a very satisfying nostalgia that is gradually disappearing in industrial designs. Underneath its minimalist exterior hides an ingenious mechanism: the releasing of the silicone band simultaneously raises the deck of cards from inside the case, providing a pragmatic yet surprising solution in the midst of self introduction. Anthea treats the collection as a capsule to preserve the last living memories of local wet markets. The aluminium exterior is stylised with a simple but bold illustration of Red A’s lampshade (a collective memory for an entire generation), making it a historical and cultural statement.

Both images and music are distinct forms of human expressions. As the moods alter, what one sees and listens to change accordingly. P.S.L. Limited offered this device for collaboration, which is at once an image frame and a loudspeaker, the tunes are enriched and elevated to the next level by the illustration of Anthea, which features a scene of the average Hong Kong wet market. She spot-coloured the icons that have a deeper cultural significance, such as the fresh fruits placed in styrofoam cartons, chinese calligraphy price tags and Red A’s lampshades. Her work pays homage to the collective memories of the local inhabitants, especially for districts that have undergone gentrification.


近年,香港發展的腳步比以往任何時候都要急速,而那些曾經對我們而言親切又熟悉的事物則相對地被時間洪流沖洗著。 伊古魯斯有限公司便將這些正在消失的日常香港場景融入其出品的微型文具套裝中,將香港人的集體回憶儲存起來。其中包括全球熱門的香港留影勝地,例如彩虹邨及南山邨的公屋、有著路燈和老鼠的後巷、放著已成經典的綠色黑板的中小學,以及本地人尤其鍾情的懷舊茶餐廳。


一直以來,Ten Stationery Limited都熱衷於在文具設計領域中尋覓非凡而實用的意念。在一個人們主要用平面屏幕互動的社會中,其出品的卡片盒--「I AM」自帶的機械化觸感就能帶來一種令人尤覺滿足的懷舊感,而這種懷舊感事實上已經在工業設計中逐漸消失。卡片盒看似簡約的外觀下,其實暗藏機關。當放鬆卡片盒附有的硅膠材質橡皮筋時,內藏的卡片就會相應升起,為正想拿出卡片自我介紹的用家提供了既實用又富驚喜的方案。冼同學將此設計系列視為一個錦囊,用以珍藏本土濕貨市場最後的生活點滴。鋁製外層上畫有簡約而大膽的紅A出品紅色燈罩(整整一代人的集體記憶),使作品成為本港歷史文化的載體。

圖像和音樂同為人類用以傳情達意的工具。隨著情緒的轉換,人們接收並理解到的信息也會相應地改變。 P.S.L. Limited提供了一個同時是圖像框架和揚聲器的裝置以供雙方合作之用,而裝置在冼同學描繪香港濕貨市場場景的插圖美化下,不僅生色不少,更提升至一個新的水平。她在作品中點綴了具有深層文化意義的特色事物,例如發泡膠盒中的鮮果、中國書法價錢牌和紅A出品的燈罩。她的作品向本港市民的集體回憶致敬,尤其希望喚醒士紳化地區市民的本土情懷。

Design Graduate:
Sin Ting Yiu, Anthea

iGLOOZ Limited
P.S.L. Limited
Ten Stationery Limited


City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學