Project Description

An Overview: Ways of Sitting | 坐椅方式概覽


This collaborative project between Zuo Zuo Limited and THEi product design freshmasories involved the design of a stackable polypropylene chair and an extruded foam furniture set, both of which can encourage interactivity and play. Creative collective Stickyline Hong Kong focuses on paper engineering and structural development for various artistic installations. Together the three-way collaboration have expressed the dynamic qualities of movement and gestures for an innovative furniture design collection.

Inspired by the dynamic qualities of movement and gesture, the stackable chair has a zoomorphic aesthetic that has been designed from the seat back, bottom rest, to the legs. The foam furniture maintains the concept of movement by allowing modular configuration in organic, abstract shapes. The handcrafted foam coating provides durability and flexibility, with the ability to function for both indoor and outdoor use. It was then up to Stickyline Hong Kong to come up with the idea of using life-size humanoid paper sculptures to co-exhibit with the furnitures, showcasing the different postures of sitting. The figures are made with reflective papers that look unobtrusive when placed among the furniture pieces, with an additional benefit of being very eye-catching under exhibition spotlights.

Stickyline Hong Kong utilised their brilliant artistry in installation art and sculpture to visualise Zuo Zuo Limited’s polypropylene and foam furniture collection. Combined with the extensive research in usage and ergonomics by THEi design freshmasonries, the collaboration has displayed an immense visual impact and practicability when cross-disciplinary designs are united together to work on a single end result.

坐座有限公司和THEi產品設計新鮮人之間的這個合作項目,涉及可堆疊聚丙烯椅子和發泡膠擠壓成形家具套件的設計,這兩者都可以鼓勵互動和遊戲。創意企業Stickyline Hong Kong專注於各種藝術裝置的紙張工程和結構開發。三方合作共同體現了創新家具設計系列的坐姿動態和品質。

受可移動和坐姿的動態特性所啟發啟發,可疊放的椅子座椅靠背、底部和椅腳的設計甚具變形美感。發泡膠家具採用自然抽象形狀的模塊化配置,保持了動態的概念。手工製的發泡膠外層具耐用性和柔韌性,能夠在室內和室外使用。接著,Stickyline Hong Kong提出了將真人大小的人形紙雕與家具共同展示的想法,以展示不同的坐姿。這些紙雕像是用反光紙製成的,所以它們放在家具中間時看起來不會太引人注目,而紙雕像另外一個好處是,它們在展覽的聚光燈下會變得非常吸睛。

Stickyline Hong Kong利用其在裝置藝術和雕塑方面的精湛技藝,使坐座有限公司的聚丙烯椅子和發泡膠擠壓成形家具套件可視化。結合THEi設計新鮮人在應用和人體工程學方面的廣泛研究,我們可見當跨界企業聯合起來實現同一最終目標時,設計作品可以展現出巨大的視覺衝擊力和實用性。

Design Graduate:
Chan Wai Yin, William
Fan Weijian, Kurt
Kwan Hoi Lam, Kathy
Lee Tsui Lam, Annbeth
Tang Tze Hei, Heywood
Wong Chung Wah, Kelvin
Yiu Sau Ling, Catina

Stickyline Hong Kong
Zuo Zuo Limited
Huo, JC
Huo, Run Zhong

Kee Yee Chun, Tristance
Kuys, Blair
Leung, Nathan
O’Donnell, Myles
Polozani, Aydin
Poon, Michelle
Stevens, Johnathan
Yu Chung Yin, Henry


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong 香港高等教育科技學院