Project Description

Acknowledgement for Excellent Youth Designs | 嘉許優秀新晉設計

Showing great support to the Macau Y Show since its launch in 2016, it has been the third consecutive year for the Design Council of Hong Kong (DCHK) to partner with the Macanese organiser Chiu Yeng Culture Limited to promote youth design power and good works. Rather similar in nature to our「DesignXcel」exhibition, yet with less emphasis on the collaborative spirit, the Macau Y Show is an annual event to award design excellence of design graduates of the year in several major disciplines around the world.

This year, DCHK has nominated 5 emerging young design talents from various Hong Kong design schools to participate in the Macau Y Show, all of their designs were showcased and exposed to the public at the Regency Art Hotel in Macau during 11-14 October 2018. Product design freshmasonries Iris Ho and Toby Lee have produced ingenious solutions that would greatly benefit the society.

Iris designed ‘Cirrus’ as an innovative baggage reclaim system, which would improve the efficiency of the reclaim process. It features a decentralised concept by delivering the baggage through a subsurface matrix of conveyor belts. The exact amount of luggage will be deposited through the cubicle structure directly to the passenger. The system benefits both the passengers and staff as it eliminates congestion around conveyor belts. As a whole it aims to enhance the experience of Hong Kong International Airport’s passengers and also promote a modern image to the rest of the world to attract more tourists.

Toby designed an inflatable device named ‘Cushy’ to assist care workers when looking after the elderly in retirement homes. It can help move the elderly patients, provide assistance in clothes changing and offer support during their shower. Cushy differs from other existing products such as shower chairs and wheelchairs for its unique inflatable feature. It offers shock absorbing properties and comfortable support from its soft structure. Furthermore, it can adjust the extent of inflation according to the weight of the user.




李同學設計了一個名為「Cushy」的充氣裝置,以協助護老院的護理人員照顧老人。它可以幫助移動老年患者,幫助護理人員更換長者的衣服和替其淋浴。 Cushy與其他現有產品(如淋浴椅和輪椅)的不同之處在於其獨特的充氣功能。它具有減震性能和柔軟結構的舒適支撐功能。此外,它還可以根據用家的重量調整充氣程度。


Design Graduate:
HO Tsz Ching, Iris
LEE Hau Ying, Toby

Chiu Yeng Culture Limited (Macau Y Show 2018) | 澳門「Y 設計展」2018


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學