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Showing great support to the Macau Y Show since its launch in 2016, it has been the third consecutive year for the Design Council of Hong Kong (DCHK) to partner with the Macanese organiser Chiu Yeng Culture Limited to promote youth design power and good works. Rather similar in nature to our「DesignXcel」exhibition, yet with less emphasis on the collaborative spirit, the Macau Y Show is an annual event to award design excellence of design graduates of the year in several major disciplines around the world.

This year, DCHK has nominated 5 emerging young design talents from various Hong Kong design schools to participate in the Macau Y Show, all of their designs were showcased and exposed to the public at the Regency Art Hotel in Macau during 11-14 October. While most of the nominees’ works are graphics, we are most delighted to learn that one of the young designers from Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), Edwin Chan, whose product design of a glowing mobile busking stage has stood out and won the Sponsorship Award from L’Arc Hotel Macau.

Edwin’s mobile busking stage ‘Moz-Age’ is a transportable amplifier and speaker device equipped with lighting effects to enhance the performance quality of the buskers. When retracted, the device is small enough to carry by a single person, as the inclusion of handles and wheels further aid the transportation of the device to the desired performance location. The device is packed with various lighting effects, such as spotlights and ambient lights to mimic the effects of stage performance. Overall the product enhances the performance quality of street performers, liberating them from the limitations of the venue.




Design Graduate:
Chan Chun Yin, Edwin

Chiu Yeng Culture Limited (Macau Y Show 2018) | 澳門「Y 設計展」2018


Hong Kong Design Institute 香港知專設計學院