Project Description

A Picture for A Thousand Songs | 一幅讓一千首歌駐足的圖畫


As a design and development company specialising in the electronic industry, PSL Limited targets the promotional market not only by its existing product range, but also new and unique co-creations with the younger generations to add value.

Both images and music are distinct forms of human expressions. As the moods alter, what one sees and listens to change accordingly. Through the introduction of this collaborative electronic device, which is at once an image frame and a loudspeaker, the tunes are enriched and elevated to the next level by the works of the design freshmasonry Melanie Wong.

Melanie has gained substantial insight to millennial behaviours through her university project ‘Weekend Treats’, in which she designed a set of chocolate packaging that targets specifically to the lifestyles of young working professionals. She concluded this particular demographic is closely connected to a digital lifestyle, yet they are highly stressed due to various socio-economic factors. They have high standards for styling, however they pursue meaning and experiences over ‘stuff’.

Based on this understanding, Melanie integrated the packaging with motivational quotes as an emotional boost against their daily stress. She again applied this element in her collaboration with P.S.L. Limited. As music is another inseparable element from the lifestyle of millennials, the message shall resonate well with their spiritual beliefs, providing a multi-sensual experience that exceeds one’s expectation of a product.

作為一家專注於電子行業的設計及開發公司,P.S.L. Limited不僅以發展現有的產品系列為目標,而且還力求與年輕一代共創簇新獨特的產品為品牌增值。


黃同學通過她的大學專題項目「Weekend Treats」獲得了有關千禧一代行為的實質見解,她在該項目中設計了一套巧克力包裝,專門針對年輕在職專業人士的生活方式。她總結道,這一特定族群與數碼化生活方式密切相關,但由於各種社會經濟因素,他們正面對著高度壓力。他們對設計造型有很高的標準,但他們追求的是「東西」的意義和與該「東西」有關的經驗。

基於這種理解,黃同學將包裝與具激勵性的格言結合起來,作為面對日常壓力時振奮心情的一種方法。她在與P.S.L. Limited的合作中再次應用了這個元素。由於音樂是千禧一代的生活中另一個不可割捨的元素,這一信息將與他們的精神信仰產生共鳴,讓產品可以給予人們超乎他們期望的多重感官體驗。

Design Graduate:
Wong Tsz Ying, Melanie

P.S.L. Limited


Savannah College of Arts and Design(SCAD)  薩凡納藝術設計大學