Project Description


A Light to Read Books By | 照亮書裡的每字每句


Since 2001, Area+ has established itself as a gift and premium design house with buying agency services. In the process of reinventing traditional gifts for the changing market needs, 「DesignXcel」had brought collaborative benefits by lining Area+ and the freshmasonries up for product enhancement.

If you are a true bookworm, this chic LED book light will literally be a gift item not to be missed. It is a mini LED light in the form of a ‘worm’ strap made of paper cardboard, which comes in various colours with a magnetic attachment mechanism to make it stand and facilitate reading.

Incorporating and printing the individual works of the freshmasonries on the paper cardboard, the stylish light of Area+ leads readers to immerse in the world of books and imagination. Fine art freshmasonry Li Fung Chun applied her artwork ‘Map of the Empire’ onto the ‘bookworm’. Her work is a commentary of our modern society, where an unprecedented state of total surveillance permeates every corner. Through the juxtaposition of security camera images and a world map presented in ink-wash technique, the work invites the audience to contemplate on the peculiar development of humanity, which has made it possible for anyone to play Big Brother.

自2001年以來,Area Plus Limited已成為一家囊括了精美禮品和優質設計的公司,並提供代購服務。在為不斷變更的市場需求重新研發傳統禮品的過程中,《設計列陣》通過撮合Area+和設計新鮮人合作為產品增值,為雙方帶來了協作效益。



Design Graduate:
Li Fung Chun

Area Plus Limited (Area+)


The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學